What does BASIS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BASIS:



Business Access to State Information and ServicesState & Local
Benchmarking Approach For Spatial Index StructuresDatabases
Broadening Access And Strengthening Input SystemsGeneral Business
Basic Agricultural And Social Improvement SchemesFarming & Agriculture
British Agrochemicals Safety Inspection SchemeFarming & Agriculture
Business Access to State Information ServicesGeneral Business
Business Action to Support the Information SocietySocieties
Bangladesh Association Of Software Information ServicesProfessional Organizations
Basic Agricultural And Social Improvement SchemeCommunity
Business and Administrative Strategic Information SystemsBusiness
Basic Assessment and Services Information SystemUnclassified
Bottlers Accounting and Sales Information SystemAccounting
British Airways Safety Information SystemBritish
Brand Assess Spark Implement and SustainUnclassified
Baltic Air Sea Ice StudyMeteorology
Basel Antiarrhythmic Study of InfarctBritish Medicine
Battelle’s Automated Search Information SystemBritish Medicine
Bering Aleutian Salmon International SurveyFishing
Berry Associates Spatial Information SystemsCompanies & Firms
Bill Action and Status Inquiry SystemLegislation
Blood Availability and Safety Inventory SystemFDA
Brief Addiction Science Information SourceAcademic & Science
Business And Support Information ServicesNASA

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