What does BAT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BAT:



Be Able To ....Occupation & Positions
Best Available TechnologyGeneral Business
British American TobaccoCompanies & Firms
Brown Adipose TissueLaboratory
Best Available TechniqueUS Government
Best Available TechniquesUnclassified
Breath Alcohol TechnicianEducational
Baltic (Other)Language Codes (3 Letters)
Building Architect ToolArchitecture
Balanced Audio TechnologyTechnology
Basic Aid TrainingUnclassified
British American TabaccoBritish
The Bulk Administration ToolUnclassified
The Bureau Of Apprenticeship And TrainingBureaus
Breath Alcohol TestingUnclassified
Blackrock Advantage Term TrustNYSE Symbols
Batch file (DOS)File Extensions
Berlinetta Aerodinamica TecnicaUniversities
Bali Adventure ToursCompanies & Firms
Bon A TirerUnclassified
Battle Android TrooperUnclassified
Bayesian Automated TaxiTransportation
Blitz Action TraumaPhysiology
Basic Attributes TestUnclassified
Blood Alcohol TestingUnclassified
Building Advisory TeamArchitecture
Brain Attack TeamPhysiology
Basic Airborne TrainingMilitary
Brightness Acuity TestPhysiology
Business Action TheoryGeneral Business
Bulk Administrative ToolSoftware
Beat Auto TheftUnclassified
Battle And TacticsMilitary
Beam Approach TrainingTransportation
Barretos, Sao Paulo, BrazilAirport Codes
Barben Analyzer TechnologyTechnology
Business Analysis ToolkitSoftware
Berliner Algorithmen TagUnclassified
Burglary Apprehension TeamPolice
Browser Administratable ToolsUnclassified
Beattie Action TeamUnclassified
Breaks for All TaxpayersCommunity
Beverage Authorization TeamUnclassified
Beyond Additive TechniqueMathematics
Backup Administration ToolNetworking
Bon A TireUnclassified
Brilliant Anti-Tank (munitions)Military
Best After TestUnclassified
Big Awesome TruckUnclassified
Books Around TownUnclassified
The Bulk Additions ToolUnclassified
Bad A** TelevisionFunnies
Berlina Aerodynamica TecnicaUnclassified
Biologischer Arbeitssoff ToleranzUnclassified
Behavior Adjustment TrainingUnclassified
Buns And ThighsUnclassified
Business Approval TestTechnology
Babasaheb Ambedker TechnologicalUnclassified
Black Arial ThingUnclassified
Binary Association TableProfessional Organizations
Brokedown All The TimeUnclassified
Bulimic Anorexic TraumaPhysiology
Basic Attention TokenUnclassified
Business Area TransportGeneral Business
Bahamas and TurksUnclassified
Baidu Alibaba and TencentUnclassified
Ballistic Attachment of TetherUnclassified
Barletta Andria TraniUnclassified
Baseball Assistance TeamBaseball
Basic Abilities TrainingUnclassified
Basic Attention TokensUnclassified
Ben Aviv TamUnclassified
Benevolent Action TeamUnclassified
Berg Adventures and TravelsTravel & Tourism
Binary Analysis ToolUnclassified
Biometrics Automated ToolsetUnclassified
Bloomberg Aptitude TestUnclassified
Books Art and TextsUnclassified
Bouquet Association TableAssociations
Breeding Advertising and TransferAdvertising
Brilliant Anti TankUnclassified
Brilliant Awesome TremendousUnclassified
Bring A TrailerUnclassified
Brockton Area TransitUnclassified
Buoyant Airborne TurbineUnclassified
Bureau of Apprenticeship TrainingBureaus
B-mode Acquisition and TargetingMedical Physics
Be Able ToUnclassified
Beekeeper Arrival TimeAnimals
Behavioural Avoidance TestBritish Medicine
Big Achievement TreatmentFunnies
Biomass Air TurbineUnclassified
Bivalirudin Angioplasty TrialBritish Medicine
Blunt Abdominal TraumaBritish Medicine
Bright Acuity TestBritish Medicine
Broadcasting Authentication TroubleDatabases
Budgeted Arrival TimeUnclassified
Burst Alert TelescopeAstronomy
Business Acceptance TestingBusiness

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