What does BBFS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BBFS:



Bare Back Full ServiceUnclassified
Bhaichung Bhutia Football SchoolsFootball
Burns Bees Feeding SystemUnclassified
Bed Bug Fumigation SpecialistsUnclassified
British Benefits Friendly SocietyBritish
Bed BugUnclassified
Bimini Biological Field StationBiology
Bootable Bfs512 File SystemComputing
Breathing Balance Flexibility StrengthUnclassified
British Bulgarian Friendship SocietySocieties
Barrier Busters Fact SheetUnclassified
Beavers Bend Fly ShopUnclassified
Bermuda's Brazilian Football SchoolFootball
Better Budget Financial ServicesFinance
Better Business Financial ServicesBusiness
Big Brother File SystemComputing
Bigger Better Faster StrongerUnclassified
Blue Bird Financial ServicesFinance
Breathing Balance Flexibility and StrengthUnclassified
Browns Books for StudentsStudents
Bungee Bobs Favorite ServersUnclassified
Bureau of Budget and Fiscal SupportBureaus
Burger Burger Fries and SodaFood & Nutrition

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