What does BBM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BBM:



Bureau of Broadcast MeasurementNews & Media
Bulk Business MailUSPS
Brush (Deluxe Paint)File Extensions
Big Bowel MovementPhysiology
Big Bloody MessMilitary
Blocking, Bracing MaterialMilitary
Battamange, CambodiaAirport Codes
Bugis Butonese MakassareseUnclassified
The Benjamin Bona And MahoneyUnclassified
Beer And Bbq MilitiaFunnies
Blitz Basic ModuleUnclassified
Bachelor of Business ManagementAcademic Degrees
Black Berry MessengerUnclassified
Boyfriend Being MeanChat
by BlackBerry MessengerUnclassified
Big Black ManUnclassified
BlackBerry MessengerTelecom
Board Of Broadcast MeasurementUnclassified
Big Beautiful ManUnclassified
Bahan Bakar MinyakUnclassified
Barrier Breakers MethodologyUnclassified
Big Boss ManUnclassified
Blogging Boner MeetupBlogs
Boston Bacterial MeetingUnclassified
But Be MindfulChat
Messenger BlackBerryUnclassified
Bachelor In Business ManagementBusiness
Best Bowling in MatchBowling
Bachelor of Business MarketingBusiness
Biochemistry and Biophysics of MembranesUnclassified
Built Broken ModdingUnclassified
Baker Bruce MooreUnclassified
Barcelona Breast MeetingUnclassified
Beauty Breakfast MeltFashion & Beauty
Benjamin Bona and MahoneyMathematics
Biccari Bollo MarianoUnclassified
Bid and Budget ManagementManagement
Big Beautiful MealUnclassified
Binary Base MapUnclassified
Blood Bank ModernizationBanking
Bold Basal MediumUnclassified
Boy Boy MarasiganUnclassified
Buddha Bar ManilaUnclassified
Building Better MomsUnclassified
Boneless Breast MeatFood & Nutrition

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