What does BET stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BET:



Black Entertainment TelevisionNews & Media
Brunauer - Emmett - TellerElectronics
Big Every TimeChat
Black Exploitation TelevisionFunnies
Broadcast Energy TransmitterElectronics
Black Entertainment Television networkNews & Media
Birla Education TrustNon-Profit Organizations
Badly Edited TelevisionFunnies
Bethel, Alaska USAAirport Codes
Bacon, Egg, and ToastFood & Nutrition
Bagels Equal TastyFood & Nutrition
Building Effective TeamworkGeneral Business
Basic Element TemplateMathematics
Buddy Entertainment TelevisionFunnies
Bacon, Eggs, and TomatoFood & Nutrition
Booty Entertaiment TelevisionFunnies
Best Evidence TopicUnclassified
Benign Essential TremorBritish Medicine
Black Entertainment TvUnclassified
Brunauer Emmett and TellerUnclassified
Brunaure Emmett TellerUnclassified
Bible Exercise TubigBible
Blond European TelevisionNews & Media
Bicycle Exercise TestBritish Medicine
Brunauer Emmett TellerUnclassified
Background Example TheoryUnclassified
Behavioral Evaluation TeamUnclassified
Best Estimated TrajectoryUnclassified
Bethlem Corporation (de-listed)AMEX Symbols
Biokinetik Exercise TechniqueUnclassified
Biotechnology Eligibility TestTechnology
Bring Entrepreneurs TogetherUnclassified
Bromodomain And Extra TerminalUnclassified
Business and Education TogetherBusiness
Business Entity TaxBusiness
Back Electron TransferBritish Medicine
Benefit Evaluation of Direct Coronary StentingBritish Medicine
Benign Epithelial TumourBritish Medicine
Best Estimate of TrajectoryNASA
Betfair GroupLondon Stock Exchange
big endothelinBritish Medicine
Blood Exchange TransfusionBritish Medicine
Boeing Equivalent ThrustManufacturing
Business Ecosystems TrainingGeneral Business

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