What does BFR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BFR:



Biggest Finest RevolverLaw & Legal
BBVA Banco Frances S. A.NYSE Symbols
Big Fat RimUnclassified
Blast And Fragment ResistantUnclassified
Big Fine RevolverMilitary
Big Fat RockUnclassified
Big Falcon RocketEngineering
Big F***ing RocketChat
Biannual Flight ReviewAircraft & Aviation
Biggest Finest RevolversUnclassified
Bowling for RhinosBowling
Bundesinstitut für RisikobewertungGerman
Big Frame RevolverUnclassified
Blood Flow RestrictionMedical
Black Flame RacersRacing
Bluffton Family RecreationParks & Recreation
Bob Fill RacingRacing
Brominated flame retardantsUnclassified
Ball Family ReserveUnclassified
Big F***ing RobotUnclassified
Boston Facilitators RoundtableUnclassified
Brook Furniture RentalUnclassified
Besoin en Fonds de RoulementInvestments
Biennial Flight ReviewUnclassified
Biennual Flight ReviewUnclassified
Big Fast ResultsUnclassified
Brake Freewheel and ReverseUnclassified
Brake Freewheel ReverseUnclassified
Bank Finance ReschedulingBanking
Best Flexible RateMiscellaneous
Blood Flow RateMedical
Brominated Flame RetardantProducts

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