What does BGM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BGM:



Back Ground MusicNews & Media
Big Green MenScience Fiction
Brace Gatarek And MusielaMathematics
Bubble Gum MachineLaw & Legal
Binghamton, New York USAAirport Codes
Bernot Gaudel And MarreUnclassified
Brooklyn Guernsey And MalcomCompanies & Firms
Back Ground MidisUnclassified
Background musicMusic
Bored General ManagerBritish Medicine
Multiple Launch Environment (B) Surface/Ground Attack (G) Guided Missile (M)Military
Business Management GlossaryManagement
Bedside Glucose MonitoringBritish Medicine
Blood Glucose MonitorUnclassified
Surface Attack (B) Guided (G) Missile (M)Military
Buildings Grounds ManagementManagement
BIGMAR, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Buildings and Grounds ManagementManagement
Barkerville Gold MinesUnclassified
Beneteau Group ManufacturingUnclassified
Boeckermann Grafstrom MayerUnclassified
Buildings Grounds MaintenanceUnclassified
Big Gay MonsterUnclassified
Battle Game MusicUnclassified
Buildings and Grounds MaintenanceUnclassified
Blackpool Grime MediaNews & Media
Blood Glucose MonitoringBritish Medicine
Board General ManagerA Scottish termBritish Medicine

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