What does BH stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BH:



Belo Horizonte, BrazilRegional
Bristol Hotels & Resorts, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Beverly HillsState & Local
Bounty HunterOccupation & Positions
BihariLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Black HoleUnclassified
Boarding HouseHousing & Amenities
Big HeadFunnies
British HondurasCountries
Better HalfOccupation & Positions
Bosnien HerzegowinaUnclassified
Breast HeightUnclassified
Bald HeadedUnclassified
Benton HarborUnclassified
Bottom HalvesUnclassified
Bead HeadUnclassified
Bekenstein HawkingUnclassified
Bounty HuntersHunting
Broken HeartedUnclassified
Basil HenryFamous & Celebs
Badge of HonourAwards & Medals
Bleeding HeartUnclassified
Bore HoleUnclassified
Bill HamiltonUnclassified
Be HumbleUnclassified
Boars HeadUnclassified
The Black HandUnclassified
Building HeightUnclassified
Big HelperOccupation & Positions
Bachelor HousingHousing & Amenities
Bug HunterUnclassified
Big And HeavyUnclassified
Big HandsomeChat
Bush HillUnclassified
Bake HardenabilityFood & Nutrition
Barbara HuntFamous & Celebs
Brian HurleyUnclassified
Baruch HaShemUnclassified
The Bedford HandbookUnclassified
Blue HellUnclassified
Bad HealPhysiology
Blackman HarrisUnclassified
Barrett HodgsonFamous & Celebs
Beezrat HashemReligion
Benson HedgesUnclassified
Bottom HighUnclassified
Bong HitUnclassified
Base HorizontalUnclassified
Broiler HatcheryCompanies & Firms
Bcl HomologyUnclassified
Bennett HallUnclassified
Buggy HouseUnclassified
Barry HorowitzUnclassified
Balcony HockeyHockey
Bunny HarveyUnclassified
Ball HairUnclassified
BCXXI Hand held Terminal UnitMilitary
Bertha HelenUnclassified
Before HerrodFunnies
Barukh HashemUnclassified
Blue HedgieFunnies
Big HammUnclassified
Butthead HeUnclassified
Beaufort HuntUnclassified
Baby HughUnclassified
Brittany HillUnclassified
Bihor HomeUnclassified
Black HuntressUnclassified
Bot HostedUnclassified
Bosnia and HerzegovinaUnclassified
behavioral HhealthMedical
Business HoursGeneral Business
Bank HolidayBanking
Bsrd HusbandUnclassified
Bulging HeadtubeUnclassified
Beistegui HermanosUnclassified
Belo HorizonteUnclassified
Bookmarks HandlerUnclassified
Buzzing HornetUnclassified
Benjamini HochbergUnclassified
Black HoodUnclassified
Blackhawk HelicopterUnclassified
Birmingham and HarborUnclassified
Bonehead HomeUnclassified
Bush HouseUnclassified
Button HolerUnclassified
Barwon HealthHealthcare
Benzocaine HydrochlorideUnclassified
Big HeadroomUnclassified
Blackwall HitchUnclassified
Boko HaramUnclassified
Bonaventure HallUnclassified
Bosnia HerzegovinaUnclassified
Braxton HicksUnclassified
Bunk HouseUnclassified
Buy And HopeUnclassified
Bachelor of HumanitiesBritish Degree
Bath and Hammondsport Railroad (B and H Rail Corporation)Railroads
Behavioral HealthMedical
Behaviorally handicappedMedical
Bloody HellSlang
Broadcasting HouseUnclassified

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