What does BHK stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BHK:



BLACKROCK Core Bond TrustNYSE Symbols
Blonde Haired KidScience Fiction
Blond-Haired KidCommunity
Bukhara, UzbekistanAirport Codes
Baraga, Houghton, KeweenawStates
Bedroom Hall and KitchenUnclassified
Bedroom Hall KitchenUnclassified
Blind Horse KnivesUnclassified
Baby Hamster KidneyLaboratory
Bedroom House KitchenUnclassified
Bedroom, Hall, KitchenArchitecture
Big Hug and Kiss!Miscellaneous
Battle Horse KnivesUnclassified
Babcock Hitachi KUnclassified
Brouwer Heyting KolmogorovUnclassified
Bathroom Hall KitchenUnclassified
Bleached Hardwood KraftUnclassified
Bachelor of Human KineticsAcademic Degrees
Bank of Hong KongBanking

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