What does BI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BI:



Business IntelligenceGeneral Business
But IUnclassified
Built-InHousing & Amenities
Brain InjuryPhysiology
Bus InHardware
Burn inElectronics
BislamaLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Bodily InjuryLaw & Legal
Bureau of InvestigationUS Government
Business ImprovementGeneral Business
Beth IsraelSynagogues
Block IslandState & Local
Brand IdentityCompanies & Firms
Background InvestigationUS Government
Bad InfluenceLaw & Legal
Beckman InstrumentsSuppliers
Binary InputAssembly
Boehringer IngelheimCompanies & Firms
Best IndividualOccupation & Positions
Basic InstructionsGeneral Computing
Bank of ItalyBanking
Batted InSports
Bell Industries, Inc.NYSE Symbols
British IndiaCountries
Business InterruptionCyber & Security
Batteries IncludedProducts
Bibliographic InstructionLibraries
Behavioral InterventionHospitals
Biggest ImpactUnclassified
Bilinear InterpolationMathematics
Bismuth InUnclassified
A Bi IsUnclassified
Bohemia InteractiveCompanies & Firms
British IntelligenceGovernmental
Banner ImpressionsCompanies & Firms
Backup InterfaceNetworking
Bintang, IndonesiaRegional
Back IlluminatedHardware
Byte IntegerAssembly
Baroclinic InstabilityPhysiology
Basic InstrumentHardware
Blessings InternationalNon-Profit Organizations
Buffered ImageSoftware
Bac InternationalCompanies & Firms
Bitter IronyNews & Media
Beyond IncredibleChat
Beatson InstituteUniversities
Behavioral IntentionPsychology
Bar InductionLaw & Legal
Bullet IconGeneral Computing
Backplane InterconnectHardware
Bomb IslandMilitary
Binary IcosahedralMathematics
Battlefield InterdictionMilitary
Bus InvertHardware
Build IndexSoftware
Body InspectorTransportation
Basically IrrelevantLaw & Legal
Brown IndexColors
BEACHCOMBERS InternationalCompanies & Firms
Briedbart IndexInternet
Biographical InventoryUnclassified
Business InvigorationGeneral Business
Bavarian Inn, Frankenmuth, MichiganCompanies & Firms
Brass ImpellerProducts
Basic IndoctrinationMilitary
BASIC source code include file (Visual Basic)File Extensions
Binary and IncludesAssembly
Bloomsbury IntellectualUnclassified
Brigada de InteriorSpanish
Biella (Provence)Italian
Bellevue InnCompanies & Firms
Beautiful IniUnclassified
Basic InvarlantMathematics
Burns InstituteHospitals
Bank IndonesiaBanking
Behavioral ImagingPhotography & Imaging
BI isUnclassified
Block ImperfectPerforming Arts
Bogus InformationUnclassified
Business IndigestionBusiness
Business IntegrationBusiness
Battlefield InjuryMilitary
Biological IndicatorBiology
Block IUnclassified
Bone IndexHospitals
Brand IndiaCompanies & Firms
IcelandAirport Codes

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