What does BIC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BIC:



Bank Identifier CodeBanking
Bayesian Information CriterionMathematics
Business Information CenterUS Government
Business And Innovation CentreCompanies & Firms
Because I CanEducational
Bank Identification CodeAccounting
Biotechnology Information CenterVeterinary
Bayesian Information CriteriaUnclassified
Blueprint For Interactive ClassroomsUniversities
Back In CharacterChat
Boron Interstitial ClustersChemistry
Broadband Interface CardHardware
Battlefield Information CenterMilitary
Brother In ChristUnclassified
Bible Information ClassBible
Beginning Invested CapitalAccounting
Behavior Intervention ClassEducational
Banco Industrial de CataluƱaSpanish
Behavior Improvement CenterUnclassified
Brigada de InvestigaciĆ³n CriminalSpanish
Bronx Irish CatholicReligion
Big Creek, Alaska USAAirport Codes
Belt Integrated ComputerComputing
Bit In CharacterAssembly
Borg Internment And ContainmentUnclassified
Brethren in ChristUnclassified
Best In ClassAwards & Medals
Book Industry CommunicationUnclassified
Building Industry ConsultantConsulting
B*tches Is CrazyUnclassified
Baltimore International CollegeInternational
Bank Information CenterBanking
Battery Innovation CenterUnclassified
Baylor Interdisciplinary CoreUnclassified
Beneficiary Identification CodeUnclassified
Benefits Identification CardUnclassified
Berkshire Innovation CenterUnclassified
Bible Instruction ClassBible
BIC is actuallyUnclassified
Bikers Inner CircleUnclassified
Bilateral Implementation CommissionCommissions
Bournemouth International CentreUnclassified
Brand Identity CheckerUnclassified
Brazil Industries CoalitionUnclassified
Brookhaven Instruments CorporationCompanies & Firms
Bus Interface ControllerUnclassified
Busan Indie ConnectUnclassified
Business Incubation CentreBusiness
Business industry certificationBusiness
Business Innovation CenterBusiness
Business Innovation CentersBusiness
Business Integrity CommissionBusiness
Ball in CourtSports
Bank Investment ContractGeneral Business
Benchmark Insurance CompanyCompanies & Firms
Best Interest ContractInvestments
Biron Capital LtdASX Symbols
Born In CovenantReligion
Bruno Bich (shortened last name of the family who establishes the company)Companies & Firms
Bureau International des ContainersGovernmental
Business Identifier CodeBanking
Byson Independent ClubWebsites

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