What does BIMA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BIMA:



Birmingham Internal Medicine AssociatesMedical
Bainbridge Island Museum of ArtMuseums
Barmore Insurance Marketing AssociatesInsurance
Beauty Industry Market AccessFashion & Beauty
Beirut Institute for Media ArtsInstitutes
Belief in Mediation and ArbitrationUnclassified
Bellingham Independent Music AssociationMusic
Berkeley Illinois Maryland ArrayUnclassified
Berkeley Illinois Maryland AssociationAssociations
Berkshire Institute for Music and ArtsMusic
Bilateral Internal Mammary ArteryUnclassified
Biometrics Identity Management AgencyManagement
Bishops Institutes for Missionary ApostolateInstitutes
Boston Interactive Media AssociationAssociations
Brisbane Indigenous Media AssociationNews & Media
British Interactive Media AssociationBritish
British Isles Majorette AssociationBritish
Broadband Internet Mobile AppInternet
Babson Investment Management AssociationInvestments

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