What does BK stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BK:



Burger KingCompanies & Firms
Black KnightChess
Black KnightsMilitary
Bobby KnightFamous & Celebs
Below the KneePhysiology
Bank of New York, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Background KnowledgeUnclassified
Ben KeenMusic
Blood KillaLaw & Legal
British KnightsMilitary
Ben KwellerUnclassified
Bad KidLaw & Legal
Bad KittyNames and Nicknames
Black KatUnclassified
Black KhakiColors
Bleached KraftUnclassified
Brian KinneyUnclassified
Black KittyNames and Nicknames
Blood KillerPolice
Boogie KnightFunnies
Blue KnightPolice
Brahma KumarisReligion
Faxbook (JetFax)File Extensions
Brian KinwaldUnclassified
Blue KromeColors
Bob Kasper, knife manufacturerFamous & Celebs
Bill KingsburyUnclassified
Blood KillUnclassified
Brad KeyUnclassified
Birthday KittyUnclassified
Bilal KarimUnclassified
Black KyleUnclassified
Burds & Kuntz, P.C.Companies & Firms
Boiuno KraguyevacUnclassified
Bradley KaneUnclassified
Blaw/ Knox freestanding towerNews & Media
Brad KennardUnclassified
Barak KhazadUnclassified
Blue KoonFunnies
Bryanskii KomsomoletsUnclassified
Bangkok, ThailandCities
Black KidPolice
Billi KidUnclassified
Baby KittenUnclassified
Black KingChess
BackgroundPhotography & Imaging
Bedded KimberliteUnclassified
Bright KingUnclassified
Burster's KnightsUnclassified
Below knee (transtibial)Medical
Bishop KellyFamous & Celebs
Baumann KraussUnclassified
Black KaufenUnclassified
Brick KasiUnclassified
Bacille de KochUnclassified
Before KindlingBotany
Bangkong KahoyUnclassified
Barely KnownUnclassified
Barn KittyUnclassified
Beauty KoreaFashion & Beauty
Benjamin and KarielaUnclassified
Bot killUnclassified
Canadian Banc Recovery CorporationToronto Stock Exchange
Busters KittyNames and Nicknames
Beatuy KoreaUnclassified
Bert KammererUnclassified
Binding KeyUnclassified
Black KoreanUnclassified
Booger KingFunnies
Brendon KeysUnclassified
Building KnowledgeUnclassified
Be KiramChat
Below KneeMedical
Big KittyUnclassified
KosovoAirport Codes

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