What does BMW stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BMW:



Bayerische Motoren WerkeCompanies & Firms
BundesMinisterium für WirtschaftGerman
Boy Meets WorldFunnies
Bavarian Motor WorksCompanies & Firms
Be My WifeFunnies
Born Moderately WealthyFunnies
Bring My WalletFunnies
Blasphemous Motorized WreckFunnies
Big Money WastedFunnies
Brings More WomenFunnies
Babbling Mechanical WenchFunnies
Break My WindshieldFunnies
Beastly Monstrous WonderFunnies
Bumbling Mechanical WretchFunnies
Broken Money WasterFunnies
Broken Monstrous WonderFunnies
Break My WindowsFunnies
Brutal Money WasterFunnies
Big Money WasteFunnies
Beautiful Mechanical WonderFunnies
Bus Metro WalkTransportation
Built My WayTransportation
Basic Marin WheelsFunnies
Be My WomanFunnies
Barely Moving WreckFunnies
Break My WalletFunnies
Breaks Most WrenchesFunnies
Bought My WifeFunnies
Beautiful Masterpiece on WheelsFunnies
Big Money WasterFunnies
Belongs to My WifeChat
Big Money WorksFunnies
Brings Me WomenFunnies
Bob Marley and the WhalersMusic
Beautiful Mature WomanChat
Bring Many WrenchesFunnies
Big Mormon WagonFunnies
Beyond the Milky WayNASA
Body Made WrongFunnies
Big Man WalkingFunnies
Bubba Makes WheelsFunnies
Biblical Ministries WorldwideReligion
Bonteheuwel Military WingMilitary
IEEE Bandwidth Management WorkshopConferences
Big Money. Why?Funnies
Bringing More WeightFunnies
Broke Man WalkingFunnies
Bring Money WithFunnies
Broken Motor WorksFunnies
Big Mike WilliamsNames and Nicknames
British MINI WorksFunnies
Bad Men WaveFunnies
Behold My WealthFunnies
Breaks My WalletFunnies
Bavarian Murder WeaponFunnies
Bust My WalletFunnies
Bitching, Moaning, WhiningFunnies
Big Metallic WangFunnies
Bone Marrow WantedPhysiology
Brigham, Mead, and WilderUniversities
Beer, Music, and WomenFunnies
Beckons Many WomenFunnies
Bunch of Money WastedFunnies
Boat Maintenance WorkerOccupation & Positions
Bring Me a WreckerFunnies
Beat My WheelsFunnies
Borkj Badji, Mokhtar, AlgeriaAirport Codes
Buy My WomenFunnies
Brings Me WorthFunnies
Blond Male WagonFunnies
Bite My WaffleFunnies
Blue, Maroon, and WhiteColors
Bring Much WampumFunnies
Badly Maintained WehicleFunnies
Bomb WingMilitary
Befuddling Motor WorksFunnies
Bring Meine WerkzeugeFunnies
Big Mexican WomanFunnies
Bring Mechanic WithFunnies
Bakri Medical WorksSurgical
Badly Made WagonFunnies
Bad Mechanical WonderFunnies
Beautiful Magnificent WomanFunnies
Beer Me WomanUnclassified
Bayerische Motoren Werke AG [Bavarian Motor Works]Companies & Firms
Brain Might WorkFunnies
Big Menopausal WankerFunnies
Board of Minorities and WomenUnclassified
Bayerische MotorenUnclassified
Bayerische Motorenwerke whichUnclassified
Beating Many WankersFunnies
Brains Must WanderChat
Big Mechanical WarrantyFunnies
Bavarian Money WasterFunnies
Blinkers mean whatUnclassified
Bandwidth Management WorkshopIEEE
Big Meal WalkingFunnies
Bavarian motors worksUnclassified
Bayerische Moteren WerkeGerman
Beer Museums and WinterlandMuseums
Bob Marley the WailersUnclassified
Bowel Movement WovementUnclassified
Bring Money in WheelbarrowsFunnies
Bye My WifeUnclassified
Motorsport websiteWebsites
Bad Motor WeldingFunnies
Bavarian Manure WagonFunnies
Before My WeddingFunnies
Bi**hing, Moaning WhinersSlang
Big Mexican woman or b*tches might whineUnclassified
Big Mexican WomenFunnies
Big Monkey WrenchFunnies
Biodegradable Municipal WasteWaste Managment
Bring Me WaffelsFunnies
Bring More WrenchesFunnies
Broken Moneypit WagonFunnies
Busch Must WaitFunnies

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