What does BNB stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BNB:



Bad News BearsNews & Media
Big Nose BirdUnclassified
Boende, CongoAirport Codes
Balloons N BalloonsUnclassified
Bed and breakfastUnclassified
Bread N ButterUnclassified
Bread and ButterUnclassified
British National BibliographyBritish
Balls N BallsUnclassified
Bed n BreakfastUnclassified
Bridgehampton National BankBanking
Buddies and BoardersUnclassified
Balloon and BalloonUnclassified
Banque Nationale de BelgiqueUnclassified
Big Nose BaroneUnclassified
Business And BusinessBusiness
Blayden and BrockUnclassified
Banco Nacional de BoliviaUnclassified
Basketball New BrunswickBasketball
Bed and BathUnclassified
Bhutan National BankBanking
Big Nostrils BaroneUnclassified
Blood Nerve BarrierUnclassified
Book n BrewUnclassified
Business Network BuildersBusiness
Binance CoinCurrencies
Bluetooth NotebookIT
Business NotebookIT

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