What does BO stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BO:



Box OfficeNews & Media
TibetanLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Business ObjectsSoftware
Back OfficeSoftware
Boss OfGeneral Business
Branch OfficeGeneral Business
Back OrificeSoftware
Bottle OpenerProducts
Best OutSynagogues
Body OdorPhysiology
Blacked OutPhysiology
Base of OperationsMilitary
Binary OutputSoftware
Build OrderSoftware
Baby OilProducts
Back OrderManufacturing
Blue OneUnclassified
Bus OutHardware
Bridging OxygenUnclassified
Bank of the OzarksBanking
Basic ObjectDatabases
Bog OffUnclassified
Baron's OnlineJournals
Budget OutlayUS Government
Board of OrdnanceState & Local
Born OrganizedUnclassified
Buddy OwenFamous & Celebs
Benjamin OwenNames and Nicknames
CSX Transportation IncorporatedRailroads
Bez OznakeUnclassified
Big OrchidBotany
Belief OptimizationStatistics
Bob OtisNames and Nicknames
Buick Open Golf TournamentGolf
Breathing OrganUnclassified
Bodacious OurUnclassified
Baltimore OriolesSports
Bronchial ObliteransUnclassified
Barack ObamaUnclassified
Best OfferBusiness
Bowel ObstructionPhysiology
Barrack ObamaFamous & Celebs
Bad OrderRailroads
Barrel of OilUnclassified
Body OdourBritish Medicine
Bulletin OfficielUnclassified
bby OdorUnclassified
bo orUnclassified
Bowel OpenHospitals
Bez OnakeUnclassified
Big OUnclassified
Binary OperationUnclassified
Binary OptionUnclassified
Bed OnlyUnclassified
Business ObjectBusiness
Business OfficeBusiness
base out OphthalmologyBritish Medicine
Bind OffUnclassified
Born OppenheimerUnclassified
BreakOut boxNASA
Bachelor of OsteopathyAcademic Degrees
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (CSX Transportation)Railroads
Bank OfficerGeneral Business
Barack ObidenFunnies
Be OriginalCommunity
Beacon OrderUnclassified
Benjamin OscarNames and Nicknames
Biden OdorFunnies
Biological OriginAstronomy
Black OpsGaming
Black OutNews & Media
Bombed OutMilitary
bowelBritish Medicine
Budget OfficeAccounting
Burned OutAircraft & Aviation
Bocek OlduruCuTurkish

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