What does BOA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BOA:



Bank Of AmericaAccounting
Bands Of AmericaMusic
Branch Office AdministratorOccupation & Positions
Beat Of AngelUnclassified
Better Off AloneChat
Beat Of The AngelUnclassified
Basic Object AdaptorUnclassified
Bush Boake Allen, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Beat Of AngleUnclassified
Bayesian Output AnalysisUnclassified
Broad Ocean AreaMilitary
Book Of AgesUnclassified
Beat Of AnUnclassified
Barrels Of AmericaSports
Born On ArrivalPhysiology
British Oncology AssociationOncology
The Board Of AdvocatesUnclassified
Big On AsbestosUnclassified
Beats Of The AngelUnclassified
By Order Of ArgumentUnclassified
Brief Of AppellantUnclassified
Break Out AdapterUnclassified
Buffer Occupancy AwareSoftware
Bunch Of AlcoholicsUnclassified
Base Object AdapterUnclassified
Best Of AgeUnclassified
Big O'l ArrayUnclassified
Bringing On AdversityUnclassified
Basic Ordering (or Operating) AgreementMilitary
Brotherhood Of AndrossUnclassified
The Brothers Of AnarchyUnclassified
Bioactive Organic AmendmentUnclassified
Beating Of AllUnclassified
Board of AdministrationUnclassified
Business Operations AgreementBusiness
British Orthopaedic AssociationBritish Medicine
Barracuda Octopus AegirUnclassified
Bank of AfricaBanking
Best of AmericaUnclassified
Board of AdvocatesUnclassified
Basic OrderingAgreement AddedUnclassified
Big Ol ArrayUnclassified
Bind on AccountUnclassified
Brothers Of AlbinosUnclassified
Ben Owen And AndyUnclassified
Back Office AlignmentUnclassified
Back Office AssistantUnclassified
Balizar Orion AvatarUnclassified
Ban On AcronymsUnclassified
Barber and Osgerby AssociatesUnclassified
Basic Ordering AgreementsUnclassified
Beat of AngelsUnclassified
Beginning Of ArrayUnclassified
Behavioral Observation AudiometryUnclassified
Best Of AllChat
Bet On ActionUnclassified
Beyond Ordinary AdventureUnclassified
Bind on AcquireUnclassified
Birmingham Ormiston AcademyAcademic & Science
Blank Ordering AgreementUnclassified
Board of AdjustmentUnclassified
Board Of AppealsUnclassified
Born Out of AsepsisUnclassified
Bow of ArcheryUnclassified
Bridal Occasion AccessoriesUnclassified
British Osteopathic AssociationBritish
Brittney Of AsiaUnclassified
Bunch Of AxxholesUnclassified
Bureau Of AdministrationBureaus
Business Operations AssistantBusiness
Business Opportunity AssessmentBusiness
Business Oriented ArchitectureArchitecture
By Order Of ArgumentsUnclassified
Basic Object AdapterUnclassified
Basic Ordering AgreementMilitary
Bayesian Optimization AlgorithmMathematics
Behavioural Observation AudiometryBritish Medicine
Bilstein Of AmericaAutomotive
Blanket Ordering AgreementUS Government
Board of ApprovalState & Local
Breakthrough Opportunity AnalysisAccounting
British Olympic AssociationSports
Brougham Owners AssociationAutomotive
Buffer Overflow AttackIT

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