What does BOO stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BOO:



Build Own OperateGeneral Business
Base Of OperationsMilitary
Bodo, NorwayAirport Codes
Brake On/OffHardware
Business Office OnlineSoftware
Baby Orphaned OrcaAnimals
Bootstrap (Kermit protocol binary file)File Extensions
Book (IBM BookManager)File Extensions
BOO Encoded file archive (ASCII)File Extensions
Baby Orphan OrcaUnclassified
Binary Organic OptimizationUnclassified
Bash Object OrientedUnclassified
Body Odor OptimalUnclassified
Build Our OwnUnclassified
Birds of OregonUnclassified
Bethesda Online OrganizationUnclassified
Business Operations OfficeBusiness
Build, Own, OperateGeneral Business
Build Own And OperateUnclassified
Battery Operated OrchestraMusic
Blue Ocean ObsessedUnclassified
Build Operate OwnUnclassified
Business Output OptimizationBusiness
Balance On OrderUnclassified
Better Off OutUnclassified
Blizzard Of OzzUnclassified
Blue Ocean ObessedUnclassified
Born of OsirisUnclassified
Bats Orange and OctoberUnclassified
Before Onyone OlseUnclassified
Bladder Outflow ObstructionMedical
Bladder outlet obstructionMedical
Brake On OffAutomotive
Bravo Owners OrganisationAutomotive

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