What does BOSS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BOSS:



Be On The Safe SideFunnies
Börsen Order Service SystemGeneral Business
Black Oil Sunflower SeedsFood & Nutrition
Boulder Outdoor Survival SchoolSchools
Better Opportunities for Single SoldiersMilitary
Bureau Of State SecurityAfrican
Business Operation Support SystemGeneral Business
Bond and Option Sales StrategyStock Exchange
Body Orifice Security ScannerUnclassified
Bonn Open Synthesis SystemUniversities
British Office Supplies And ServicesBritish
Back Office Software SystemChat
Business Organizer Scheduling SystemSoftware
Breast and Ovarian Surveillance ServiceOncology
Biochemical And Organic Simulation SystemUnclassified
Business Online Support for SchoolsEducational
Burn Out Stress SyndromeSyndromes
Bobcat Operation Sensing SystemUnclassified
Building Opportunities Skills SeminarUniversities
Business And Office Student ServicesUniversities
Business Operation Service SolutionsGeneral Business
Branch On Site ServerAssembly
Buyers Opportunity For Savings SystemGeneral Business
Building On Spiritual SubstanceUnclassified
Bio Organic Support SystemMilitary
Builders Organization for Students and StaffOcean Science
Building Opportunities And Skills SeminarsUnclassified
Bond Option and Sales StrategyStock Exchange
Bond And Options Sales StrategiesUnclassified
Big Or Super StrongFunnies
Business Oriented Systems and SolutionsGeneral Business
Building Organization Students' SocietyUniversities
Benjis Orange Stomoch SmellsUnclassified
Business Operation Server SystemGeneral Business
Big Old Sandwich ShopCompanies & Firms
Blending Optimization And Supervisory SystemUnclassified
Body Orifice Security SystemUnclassified
Bharat Operating System SolutionsUnclassified
Brother of Sexy SisterNews & Media
Business Operations System SoftwareSoftware
Bold Overachieving Sensational SigmasUnclassified
Bow Or Suffer SexualyUnclassified
Building Opportunities for Self SufficiencyUnclassified
Bachelor Of Social ServiceAcademic Degrees
Bullet Of Super SpeedAstronomy
Buy Outside The Shop SsistantUnclassified
Broadband Offboard Satellite SystemAircraft & Aviation
Burning Oil Shoddy SmokerUnclassified
Business Opportunities for Student SuccessStudents
Biometric Optical Surveillance SystemUnclassified
Blow Off Some SteamUnclassified
Bulldog Online Student SystemStudents
Business Operations Support SystemsBusiness
Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic SurveyUnclassified
Buyers Overseas Suppliers SolutionsUnclassified
Bobcat Online Scholarship SystemUnclassified
Badge Office Security SytemUnclassified
Big Occulting Steerable SatilliteUnclassified
Business One Stop ShopBusiness
Back Office Sales SupportUnclassified
Base Operating Support ServiceMilitary
Basic Output System ServiceUnclassified
Being On Ships SucksUnclassified
Believer Of Supernatural SuccessUnclassified
Beneficiary Owner Spouse SurvivorsUnclassified
Best Of the South SeriesUnclassified
Big Open Single SeatersUnclassified
Billing and Order Support SystemUnclassified
Blended Organic Superfood SnacksUnclassified
Bolt on Strain SensorUnclassified
Bringing Out Successful SistersUnclassified
Brothers of the Same StruggleUnclassified
Build your Own Search ServiceUnclassified
Bursary Online Student SystemStudents
Business Outlook and Sentiment SurveyBusiness
Business Owners Strategy SessionsBusiness
Business Owners Success SeriesBusiness
Business Ownership Success StrategiesBusiness
Bad Or Social SecurityMiscellaneous
Bags Only Safe SimulatorAutomotive
Ballistic Optical Safety SystemUnclassified
Bank Operating Software SystemIT
Batch Object Submission SystemIT
Beggar Of Sharjah StreetsRegional
Beggars Of Sharjah StreetsFunnies
Big Data Open Source SystemsIT
Big Open Single SeaterUnclassified
Bmw Owners Society of SaferidersAutomotive
Bolt On Street StripperAutomotive
Bonus On Scheduled ServiceAutomotive
Breakbeat Old Skool SessionsFunnies
British Oil Security SyndicateAutomotive
Buckeye Outlaw Sprint SeriesAutomotive
Bulk Oil Service SystemAutomotive
Bunch Of Storage SystemsIT
Business Operating System SoftwareIT
Businesses Of Superior StandardsGeneral Business

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