What does BR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BR:



Best RegardsTexting
Boca RatonState & Local
BretonLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Baton RougeState & Local
Book ReviewUniversities
Bug ReportSoftware
Bottom RightProducts
Branching RatioMathematics
Blue RidgeState & Local
Banana RepublicCompanies & Firms
By RequestMusic
Birth RateUS Government
Battle RoyaleMilitary
Biosphere ReserveBotany
British RailRailroads
Babe RuthFamous & Celebs
Best ResponseUniversities
Beach RoadTransportation
Burlington ResourcesCompanies & Firms
Basic RateTelecom
Bass ReflexMusic
By ReportUS Government
Bed RestPhysiology
Burlington Resources, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Bombing RunMilitary
Polybutadiene RubberPlastics
By RowsAssembly
Bench RestLacrosse
Before ReturnAssembly
Best ReplyChat
Before ReadAssembly
Big RodTransportation
Brown RootBotany
Buffered RegularNetworking
Bandera Roja (Peruvian Communist Party)Politics
Before RestartRacing
Bankruptcy RateGeneral Business
Bounding RectangleMathematics
Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School DistrictSchools
Beginning ReaderEducational
Bunny RabbitChat
Box ReadyProducts
Breathing and RelaxationPhysiology
Ben ReuvenFamous & Celebs
Band RejectSchools
Blanket RollMilitary
Bridge ReturnElectronics
Beginning RussianLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Braid RepresentativeMathematics
BRidge software Script fileFile Extensions
Break RuleSports
Battle RaceRacing
Bounding RegionMathematics
Booster RingNASA
Buchi RamaiahPolitics
Bear RoastFood & Nutrition
Bob Rozakis, comic book writer and editorFamous & Celebs
Bradford Industrial Rail IncorporatedRailroads
Bold RegionNews & Media
Omnis7 Data fileFile Extensions
Barnes ReineckePhysics
Bubble RenormalizedPhysics
Bowser RebelsLaw & Legal
Burgess RollPolitics
Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio)News & Media
Bogues RagesNews & Media
British RailwaysCompanies & Firms
line BReakSoftware
Butadiene rubberUnclassified
Battle RoyalGaming
Branch RepresentativeBanking
bilirubinBritish Medicine
Barrel RacingRacing
BiharIndia States
Birthing RoomBritish Medicine
Breathing RateBritish Medicine
bronchusBritish Medicine
Backup and RecoveryUnclassified
Bend ReleaseUnclassified
Balls RollersUnclassified
Batch RenderUnclassified
Bank ReconciliationBanking
Break RateUnclassified
Bulged ReflectorUnclassified
Babe RatioFunnies
Balanced RecoilUnclassified
Battle RatingUnclassified
Beawar RajasthanUnclassified
Bedroom RealUnclassified
Benchrest RemingtonUnclassified
Bonus RoomUnclassified
Boris RuzicUnclassified
Boys RespectDomain Names
Building RecognitionUnclassified
bulbs areUnclassified
Burundi RwandaUnclassified
Background RetinopathyBritish Medicine
Balbiani ringBritish Medicine
baroreceptorBritish Medicine
baroreflexBritish Medicine
Barry RailwayRailroads
Basal RespirationBritish Medicine
Baseline RecoveryBritish Medicine
Basic RegionGeology
Baskin RobbinsRestaurants
Bayerischer RundfunkGerman
Bedside RoundsBritish Medicine
Big Rock Brewery Income TrustToronto Stock Exchange
Big Rock Point, MichiganStates
Biliverdin ReductaseBritish Medicine
Binocular RivalryBritish Medicine
Biochemical ResponseBritish Medicine
Biological ResponseBritish Medicine
birefringenceBritish Medicine
Birmingham Revision (of anatomical nomenclature)Medical
Bit RateNASA
Blink ResponseBritish Medicine
Blocking ReactionBritish Medicine
Blood ReaperScience Fiction
Blue RoomAircraft & Aviation
Bombesin ReceptorBritish Medicine
Bone ResorptionBritish Medicine
Braced and RackedTransportation
brachioradialisBritish Medicine
Bradford Industrial RailRailroads
Braided RopeProducts
Breaking RunGaming
Breast ReconstructionBritish Medicine
Breast ReductionBritish Medicine
Breathing ReserveBritish Medicine
Breech (pregnancy) presentationMedical
BritishBritish Medicine
British RailwayBritish
Bronchial ReactivityBritish Medicine
Bronchial ResponseBritish Medicine
Budget RequirementBritish Medicine
Budget ReviewMilitary
Buffalo RidgeState & Local
Building ReportArchitecture
Bumetanide-ResistantBritish Medicine
Bump RailArchitecture
Business RulesGeneral Business
Buyers RemorseGeneral Business

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