What does BRB stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BRB:



Be Right BackChat
Benefits Review BoardUS Government
British Railways BoardRailroads
Big Red ButtonMilitary
Brazilian Rainbow BoaVeterinary
Bright Red BloodPhysiology
Bar-Room BarArchitecture
BathRoom BreakTexting
Babe Ruth BaseballBaseball
Beam-Related BackgroundArchitecture
BedRoom BullyLaw & Legal
Back Rub BoySports
Believe Really BelieveReligion
Be Real BrothaFunnies
British Roo BarsFunnies
Be Ready B*tchChat
Be Ready B***hChat
Be Ready BeforeUnclassified
be right backPLSUnclassified
Biomedical Research BuildingResearch
Be RightBackSome brbUnclassified
Butler Rogers BaskettUnclassified
Buckling Restrained BraceConstruction
Be Real B*tchChat
Butts Remember BouncingUnclassified
Be Right BurgersUnclassified
Be Right Back (Ayomide)Chat
Be Right BurgerUnclassified
Bond Review BoardUnclassified
Buns Running BackwardsFunnies
Big Red BarnUnclassified
Biosciences Research BuildingResearch
Biosafety Review BoardUnclassified
Battle Red BlogBlogs
Bacon Ricotta And BlueberriesUnclassified
Baths are boringUnclassified
Be Ready B*itcChat
Be Ready BabyChat
Bees Are BrilliantUnclassified
Big Red BookUnclassified
Big Red BulletUnclassified
Birmingham Rocket BoysUnclassified
Black Red And BlueUnclassified
Brienz Rothorn BahnUnclassified
BRistol Brass Corporation (former symbol; de-listed)AMEX Symbols
Britton Robinson BufferUnclassified
Broad Run BlondeUnclassified
Bryant Colege, Smithfield, Rhode Island Library codeLibraries
Budget Review BoardUnclassified
Bye right backUnclassified
Baby Richie RocksFunnies
Ballistic Re-entry BodyMilitary
Ballistic Recoverable BoosterNASA
Barbados Seismograph station codeGeology
Be Right Back!Chat
Big Red BattleshipNews & Media
Biometric Research BranchFDA
Birmingham Royal BalletPerforming Arts
Blaire Reinhard BandMusic
Brick Brewing Company, LimitedToronto Stock Exchange
Busy Rescuing BatmanInternet

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