What does BRC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BRC:



British Retail ConsortiumInternational Business
Business Resource CenterGeneral Business
Brady CorporationNYSE Symbols
Black Radical CongressPolitics
Big Remote ControlFunnies
Billy Ray CyrusMusic
British Rabbit CouncilVeterinary
Bantam Reconnaissance CarMilitary
Business Reply CardGeneral Business
Budget Review CommitteeMilitary
Belt Railway Company of ChicagoRailroads
British Retailers ConsortiumCompanies & Firms
Bit-Rate ControlElectronics
Broadcast Rating CouncilNews & Media
Brothers Rugby ClubRugby
Brigade Reconnaissance CompanyMilitary
Bicycle Rain CanopyCycling
Brain Reward CircuitryHuman Genome
Bintan Resorts ChakawalaCompanies & Firms
Book Reader ClubClubs
Block, Rows, ColumnsDatabases
San Carlos Brich, RN, ArgentinaAirport Codes
Bovingdon Reclaim CentreUnclassified
Bar Reinforced ConcreteConstruction
Bioinformatics Resource CentersBioinformatics
Blue Rose CodeMusic
Brookfield Renewable Power FundToronto Stock Exchange
Black Rock CityCities
Beans Rice CheeseUnclassified
Biotechnology Resource CenterTechnology
Britisch Retail ConsortiumConsortiums
British Reinforced ConcreteBritish
Benjamin Rollins CaldwellUnclassified
Blue Ribbon CommitteeCommittees
Blue Ridge CommunicationsUnclassified
Behavior Research CenterResearch
Beans Rice and CheeseUnclassified
BioScience Research CollaborativeResearch
Bisexual Resource CenterUnclassified
Blue Ribbon CommissionCommissions
Boulder Rock ClubClubs
Bruin Resource CenterUnclassified
Baxter Research CenterResearch
Business Renewables CenterBusiness
Business response cardBusiness
Background Record CheckUnclassified
Balochistan Residential CollegeResidential
Basic Rider CourseUnclassified
Batch Release CertificateCertifications & Diplomas
Batumi Raptor CountUnclassified
Beginner Riding ClinicRiding
Below Regulatory ConcernUnclassified
Benita R ClowardUnclassified
Big Red CarUnclassified
Biodynamic Research CorporationResearch
Biomedical Research CentreResearch
Biomedical Research CentresResearch
Black Rock CoalitionUnclassified
bool Return CodeUnclassified
Bounded Rationality ConceptsUnclassified
Bowery Residents CommitteeCommittees
Boyes and Rosser CyclesUnclassified
Bozeman Running CompanyCompanies & Firms
Brain Resource CompanyCompanies & Firms
Breastfeeding Resource CenterUnclassified
British Racing CyleRacing
Brunswick Reformed ChurchChurches
Building Research CapacityResearch
Burnt Rubber CoUnclassified
Business Ready CommunitiesBusiness
Business Records ChecksBusiness
Business Registration CertificateCertifications & Diplomas
Business Resource CentersBusiness
Base Recovery CourseMilitary
Beach Raquet ClubClubs
Belt Railway of ChicagoRailroads
bioresource centerBiology
Boilermaker Chief Petty OfficerNavy
Boyes & Rosser CyclesCompanies & Firms
Brain Resource Company Ltd (The)ASX Symbols
Brazilian CruzeiroBanking
Brigade Recce CompanyCompanies & Firms
Building Reports CorporationCompanies & Firms

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