What does BRTF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BRTF:



Border Roads Task ForceUnclassified
Blue Ribbon Task ForceUnclassified
Border Road Task ForceGovernmental
Building Resiliency Task ForceUnclassified
Biodiversity Research and Training ForumForums
Beginning Russian Through FilmUnclassified
Better Regulation Task ForceUnclassified
Bureau de Représentation de Taipei en FranceBureaus
Boquet River Theatre FestivalFestivals
Blackout Response Task ForceUnclassified
Bluetooth Recognized Test FacilityUnclassified
Broadcasting Radio Television and FilmUnclassified
Budget Review Task ForceUnclassified
Banking Reform Task ForceBanking
Bidirectional Reflection Transmission FunctionUnclassified
Br Rice Team FirstUnclassified
Broadcasting Radio TV and FilmUnclassified
Budget Reserve Trust FundFunds

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