What does BT.A stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BT.A:



Bicycle Transportation AllianceTransportation
But Then AgainChat
Biological Terrain AssessmentLaboratory
Bad Trader AlertsUnclassified
Bladder Tumor AntigenLaboratory
Bubble Tip AnemoneUnclassified
Bladder Tumor AssociatedPhysiology
Best Technical ApproachMilitary
Business Transaction ActivityGeneral Business
Butylated hydroxyAnisoleChemistry
Bertoua, CameroonAirport Codes
The Booster To AgsUnclassified
Bear Toad AllianceNon-Profit Organizations
Basic Travel AllowanceTravel & Tourism
bladder tumour antigen (BTA)British Medicine
Building Trades AssociationAssociations
Botulinum Toxin A AUnclassified
Beat the AverageUnclassified
Berkeley Training AssociatesUnclassified
Booster to AGSUnclassified
Between Tenants AgreementUnclassified
Batteries Tires and AccessoriesUnclassified
Boring and Trepanning AssociationAssociations
Board of Tax AppealsTax
Boring and Trepaning AssociationAssociations
Best Thieves AssociationProfessional Organizations
Border Trade AllianceAlliances
Boxford Trails AssociationAssociations
Business Technology AssociationTechnology
Bicycle Transportation AccountTransportation
Bladder Tumour AssociatedUnclassified
Boyce Thompson ArboretumUnclassified
Boys Town AcademyAcademic & Science
Building TradesUnclassified
Business Technology AssociatesTechnology
Business Transformation AgencyBusiness
Business Travel and Accident InsuranceBusiness
Bedford Teachers AssociationEducational
Blue Tide AquaticsUnclassified
Brunswick Transit AlternativeUnclassified
B*tch Team AlphaChat
Bachelor of Theatre ArtsAcademic Degrees
Back Together AgainUnclassified
Backup Target ApplianceUnclassified
Backup Target AppliancesUnclassified
Bangladesh Tanners AssociationAssociations
Barbados Tourism AuthorityAuthorities
Basic Trading AreasUnclassified
Behind The AxleUnclassified
Bermuda Tourism AuthorityAuthorities
Best Technology AvailableTechnology
Better Than AverageUnclassified
Black Tie AffairUnclassified
Blacks To ApearUnclassified
Bladder Tumour AntigenUnclassified
Block Token AuthenticatorUnclassified
Blood Transfusion AssociationAssociations
Body Temple AestheticsUnclassified
Bombing The AtmosphereAtmosphere
Bow Tie AntennaUnclassified
Brain Transplant ArgumentTransplantation
Brain Type AssessmentUnclassified
British Tourist AuthorityBritish
Budget TurnaroundUnclassified
Building Technology AssociatesTechnology
Building The AmbitionUnclassified
Buildings Technology and AcademicsTechnology
Bullock Tice AssociatesUnclassified
Burbank Teachers AssociationAssociations
Bus Ticketing ApplicationUnclassified
Bus Ticketing ApplicationmoreUnclassified
Busiiness Transformation AgencyAgencies
Business Technology ArchitectsBusiness
Travel AllowanceTravel & Tourism
Bt GroupLondon Stock Exchange
"Been to America"Academic Degrees
Bill To AccountAccounting
Biota Holdings LtdASX Symbols
BioTerroism Act of 2002FDA
Blood and Transplant Authority, formally, the NHS Blood and Transplant AuthorityBritish Medicine
botulinum toxin ABritish Medicine
Boyz Town AcademyNon-Profit Organizations
British Thyroid AssociationBritish Medicine
British Tourism AgencyGovernmental
Bruce Trail Association (1960 to 2009 -- now BTC)Non-Profit Organizations
Bulgaria Travel AgentMiscellaneous
Business Travel AccountTravel & Tourism
Business Travel AllowanceAccounting

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