What does BTL stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BTL:



Below The LineNews & Media
Backplane Transceiver LogicElectronics
Better Than LifeGeneral Business
Bell Telephone LaboratoriesTelecom
Bilateral Tubal ligationPhysiology
Inmos bootable fileFile Extensions
Bigger Than LifeChat
Battle LossMilitary
Born To LiveUnclassified
Better Try LaterChat
BottleAircraft & Aviation
BACnet Testing LabratoriesUnclassified
Bengal Tiger LineUnclassified
Buy To LetUnclassified
Bacon Tomato LettuceUnclassified
Born to LearnUnclassified
BACnet Testing LaboratoryLaboratory
Between the LinesUnclassified
Beyond the LimitUnclassified
Byte Transfer LayerUnclassified
Bridge Tied LoadElectronics
Broad Technology LabsTechnology
Brownsell Truck LocatorsUnclassified
BACnet Testing LaboratoriesLaboratory
Basic Termination LiabilityUnclassified
Belize Telemedia LimitedUnclassified
Bell Total LogisticsLogistics
Beyond The LineUnclassified
Bharat Telecom LimitedTelecom
Bharat Telecom LtdCompanies & Firms
Bible Translation and LiteracyBible
Biomass to LiquidUnclassified
Blades Technology LimitedTechnology
Blades Technology LtdTechnology
Bradley Terry LuceUnclassified
Bacon, Tomato, and LettuceFood & Nutrition
Basement Tutorial LaboratoryUniversities
Build Transfer LeaseBusiness

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