What does BTTP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BTTP:



Back To The PointChat
Bridging Tourism Theory and PracticeTravel & Tourism
Back To The PresentChat
Better Think Tank ProjectUnclassified
Bilingual Teacher Training ProgramsEducational
Back To The PastTwitter
Bilingual Teacher Training ProgramEducational
Banished to the PenUnclassified
Back to the PlanetUnclassified
Bark to the ParkParks & Recreation
Bilingual Teacher Training ProjectEducational
Biomedical Technician Training ProgramMedical
Block Type Thermal PowerUnclassified
Bringing Theory to PracticeUnclassified
Building Trades Training ProgramUnclassified
Bamboo Test Threshold Plug-inSoftware
Block-Type Thermal Power stationHardware
Boston Terrier Tea PartyNon-Profit Organizations

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