What does BUS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BUS:



businessGeneral Business
Greyhound Lines, Inc. (de-listed, now part of Laidlaw, Inc.)AMEX Symbols
Boise Urban StagesPerforming Arts
Black United StudentsUniversities
Brownsville Urban SystemTransportation
Between Use StorageGeneral Computing
Bodies Under SeigeFunnies
Bringing Up ScoresUniversities
Bartholin, Urethral, and Skene glandsPhysiology
Rocket that launches satellitesMilitary
Bartholin, Urethral, and SkeneLaboratory
Back Up SystemHardware
Big Ugly SnailAnimals
Bank of the United StatesUS Government
Belle Urban System, the transit agency serving Racine, WisconsinTransportation
Bartholin's, urethral, Skene's (glands)British Medicine
Belle Urban SystemTransportation
Broadcast and Unknown ServerUnclassified
Bartholin’s glands, urethra, Skene’s glandMedical
BIMS (Biologic IND (Investigational New Drug) Management System) User Support GroupFDA
Biological UnitsBritish Medicine
business routeBusiness
Business Unit StaffBusiness
buspironeBritish Medicine
busulfanBritish Medicine

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