What does BW stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BW:



Black and WhiteNews & Media
Best WesternCompanies & Firms
Body WeightPhysiology
Be WellChat
Business WeekNews & Media
Birth WeightPhysiology
Business WarehouseGeneral Business
Biological WarfareMilitary
Brood WarLaboratory
Bitte WendenGerman
Barbed WireMilitary
Biological WeaponsBiology
Black / WhiteColors
Black WidowUnclassified
Borg WarnerCompanies & Firms
Borg - WarnerCompanies & Firms
Beast WarsUnclassified
Broken WingMilitary
Broodwar WarcraftUnclassified
Blood WorkUnclassified
Between WithinUnclassified
Butt WeldProducts
BushwhackLaw & Legal
Blair WitchUnclassified
Brush Wellman, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Barry WhiteUnclassified
Bow WowUnclassified
Boy WonderOccupation & Positions
Beautiful WifeOccupation & Positions
Blue WingUnclassified
Back WaterUnclassified
Back WebUnclassified
Buck WheatFood & Nutrition
Big WalnutUnclassified
Black WallColors
Big WindowUnclassified
Bob WeirUnclassified
Base WageOccupation & Positions
Beame and WhitesideCompanies & Firms
Bind WoundUnclassified
Bing WorksCompanies & Firms
Banner WebUnclassified
Battery WorkingElectronics
Burt WardUnclassified
Bacteriostatic WaterUnclassified
British WeldingCompanies & Firms
Black WitchUnclassified
Benjamin WeissFamous & Celebs
Bottom of WallArchitecture
Bounded WidthUnclassified
Brutal WarriorsUnclassified
Bohr WeisskopfUnclassified
Buddy WaltersFamous & Celebs
Bed WetterUnclassified
Bedford WalterFamous & Celebs
Bloodwork WhichUnclassified
Business WearhouseCompanies & Firms
Bubinga WoodUnclassified
Brothers WilliamsUnclassified
Bundeswehr WhichUnclassified
Brittania WingUnclassified
Bitmap graphics (SGI image)File Extensions
Bryan WatermanUnclassified
Bandit WizardUnclassified
Bookworm WwwUnclassified
Twice per Week ( Bi- Weekly)Physiology
Benchmark WeightUnclassified
Big WieneeUnclassified
Black WhiteUnclassified
Baden WuerttembergUnclassified
Best WishesChat
Bulge WindowArchitecture
Bi WangUnclassified
Buddy WagsUnclassified
The Backscattering WwwUnclassified
Bushwhack WwwUnclassified
Back of WalkUnclassified
Bacteriological WarfareUnclassified
Betty WhiteUnclassified
Bi WeeklyUnclassified
Block WiseUnclassified
Brackish WaterUnclassified
Business WarehousingBusiness
Brutaly WickedUnclassified
Batch WhoUnclassified
Beeyach WackasUnclassified
Beryl WolkUnclassified
Black WalnutUnclassified
Body WaveUnclassified
Boner WoodUnclassified
Bad WorkUnclassified
Bath and WellsBritish
Beautiful WomanChat
Bench WarrantUnclassified
Biological WeaponMilitary
Black WatchScottish
Block WallArchitecture
Boiling WaterFood & Nutrition
Bretton WoodsCommunity
Brian WahlNames and Nicknames
Brick WallArchitecture
British WaterwaysBritish
Buried WatersEnvironmental
Business WorkSoftware
twice a WeekOrthopaedic
Bike WidowsCycling

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