What does BWI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BWI:



Baltimore - Washington International AirportTransportation
Baltimore Washington InternationalAirport Codes
British West IndiesCountries
Bretton Woods InstitutionsInstitutes
Boating While IntoxicatedLaw & Legal
Book Wholesalers IncCompanies & Firms
Bretton Woods InstitutionPolitics
Boosted Wrapper InductionUnclassified
Bond-Wire InterconnectElectronics
Boss With IdeaGeneral Business
Baltimore Washington International Airport, Baltimore, Maryland USAAirport Codes
Best Western InternationalUnclassified
Brake Wear IndicatorUnclassified
Browsing While IntoxicatedUnclassified
Beijing West IndustriesUnclassified
Boating Writers InternationalLanguage & Literature
Business with IntegrityBusiness
Baltimore–Washington InternationalUnclassified
Blue White IllustratedUnclassified
Body Weight IndexUnclassified
Blue and White IllustratedUnclassified
Baltimore WashingtonUnclassified
Baltimore Washington IUnclassified
Baltimore/Washington InternationalUnclassified
Beer Wine and InternationalInternational
Bench Warrant IssuedUnclassified
Better World IndexUnclassified
Bit Wear IndexUnclassified
Boating While ImpairedUnclassified
Bridgewater Wholesalers IncCompanies & Firms
British Wholesale ImportsBritish
Brooklyn Workforce InnovationsEmployment
Belt Wedge InsertMiscellaneous
Brickwork IndiaInternational Business
Building and Wood Workers' InternationalCommunity

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