What does BWR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BWR:



Badfinger Web RingChat
Beeps While ReversingTransportation
Beware - Kermit buglist fileFile Extensions
Bureau of Workers RightsState & Local
Boiling Water ReactorChemistry
Bar Width ReductionUnclassified
Battered Women's ResourcesUnclassified
Boiling Water ReactorsUnclassified
Black Women's RoundtableUnclassified
Built Works RegistryUnclassified
Brickwork RatingsInternational Business
Barcelona World RaceRacing
Belgian Waffle RideUnclassified
Branson World RadioWebsites
Breakwater Resources, LTD.Toronto Stock Exchange
Breit Wigner radiativelyUnclassified
Black Warrior ReviewUnclassified
Brands Within ReachUnclassified
Bacterial Wilt ResistanceUnclassified
Baker Winokur RyderUnclassified
Behavioral Wellness and RecoveryUnclassified
Binder Write ReadUnclassified
Black And White RuffedUnclassified
Boiling Water ResistantUnclassified

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