What does C.E.E. stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand C.E.E.:



Central and Eastern EuropeRegional
Comunidad Económica EuropeaSpanish
Civil and Environmental EngineeringUniversities
Comunidade Economica EuropeiaInternational Business
Central and Eastern EuropeanUS Government
Central Eastern EuropeEuropean
Central East EuropeanMilitary
Central European Equity Fund, Inc.NYSE Symbols
College Entrance ExamColleges
Captured Enemy EquipmentMilitary
Confederación Empresarial EspañolaSpanish
Control Execution EnvironmentElectronics
Center for Educational ExcellenceUniversities
Community Economy And EnvironmentCommunity
Consortium for Energency EfficiencyNon-Profit Organizations
Capability and Effectiveness EnhancementUnclassified
Consortium for Energy EfficiencyEnergy
Commissioner for Entrance ExaminationsUnclassified
Council for Economic EducationEducational
Center for Energy and EnvironmentEnergy
Civil And EnvironmentalEnvironmental
Common Entrance ExamUniversities
Conjugated Equine EstrogensPrescription
Combined Entrance ExamUnclassified
Competency Equivalency ExamAcademic & Science
Crazy Electrician EndeavorsUnclassified
Conference on English EducationConferences
Center for Excellence in EducationEducational
Cities for Entrepreneurial EducationEducational
Center for Employment EducationEmployment
Commissionerate of Entrance ExaminationsUnclassified
Common Event ExpressionUnclassified
Canada Education ExpertsCanadian
Careers Education and EmpowermentCareer
Catholic Engaged EncounterReligion
Center for Early EducationEducational
Certificate of Equivalent ExperienceBritish Medicine
Cities for Education EntrepreneurshipCities
Civil and Environ EngineeringEngineering
Civil Environmental EngineeringEngineering
Combined Entrance ExaminationUnclassified
Commission for Entrance ExamCommissions
Communauté Economique EuropéenneFrench
Community Education EnvironmentEducational
Compagnie des Eaux etFrench
Concise Encyclopedia of EconomicsEconomics
Consortium of Energy EfficiencyEnergy
Creative Economical EnvironmentalEnvironmental
Department of Civil and Environmental EngineeringEnvironmental
Carbon Emission EstimationAutomotive
Centamin Egypt LimitedToronto Stock Exchange
central European encephalitisBritish Medicine
Central Exit ExamEducational
Charges [having] Equivalent EffectInternational Business
Cloud Expo EuropeIT
Common Entrance ExaminationAcademic & Science
Common Execution EnvironmentSoftware
Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Eligible EntitiesComputing
Compile Time Expression ErrorIT
Comunitatea Economica EuropeanaRomanian
Consumer Electronics EditionIT
Contrast-Enhanced EchocardiographyBritish Medicine
Cutting Edge ElectronicsComputing

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