What does CAG stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CAG:



Comptroller and Auditor GeneralState & Local
Cagliari, ItalyAirport Codes
Conagra, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Congo African GreyColors
Commander Air GroupMilitary
Carrier Air GroupMilitary
Commissione degli Affari GiuridiciItalian
Cytosine, Adenine, and GuanineHuman Genome
Combined Action GroupMilitary
Chairman's Advisory GroupGeneral Business
Constructive Area GeometryUnclassified
Current Annual GrowthGeneral Business
Citizens Action GroupUnclassified
Cost Advisory GroupMilitary
Clothing Advisory GroupMilitary
Cost Ascertainment GroupAccounting
Cost Ascertainment GroupingUSPS
Connected Acyclic GraphMathematics
Competitive Analysis GroupElectronics
Chief Constables Advisory GroupPolice
Cost Accounting GroupAccounting
Covert Assault GroupMilitary
Cytosine Adenosine And GuanosineUnclassified
Communist Attack GroupMilitary
Covert Assault GroupeLaw & Legal
coronary angiographyBritish Medicine
Cheap A** GamerChat
Combined Arms GroupUnclassified
Carcinogen Assessment GroupBritish Medicine
Community Advisory GroupCommunity
Controller and Author GeneralUnclassified
California Association For The GiftedAssociations
Carrier Advisory GroupAdvisory
Challanging Action GameUnclassified
Corporate Advisory GroupAdvisory
Central Arizona GovernmentsUnclassified
Cytosine Adenine and GuanineUnclassified
Contradiction Agreement GameUnclassified
Certified Ambulance GroupCertifications & Diplomas
Communication Arts GuildGuilds
Consultative Advisory GroupAdvisory
Carp Anglers GroupFishing
Cash Against GoodsUnclassified
Center for Applied GenomicsHuman Genome
Cheap Ass GamerGaming
Chubby Asian GirlsAsian
Citizens Association of GeorgetownAssociations
Citizens for Accountable GovernanceGovernmental
Climate At a GlanceClimate
Clinical Academic GroupClinical Medicine
Collectibles Authentication GuarantyUnclassified
Combat Action GroupUnclassified
Combat Applications GroupUnclassified
Commander of Air GroupUnclassified
Communication Abilities GroupUnclassified
Communications in Analysis and GeometryUnclassified
Community Advisory GroupsAdvisory
Computer Aided GraphicsComputing
Computer Architecture GroupArchitecture
Con Artist GamesArt
Concert Artists GuildGuilds
Connecticut Association for the GiftedAssociations
Consumer Advisory GroupAdvisory
Controller and Auditor GeneralGeneral Business
Cool A** GirlChat
Crocodilian Advisory GroupAdvisory
Cytotoxin Associated GeneUnclassified
Association Canadienne de GastroentérologieSocieties
Association Canadienne des GéographesSocieties
Canadian Association of GastroenterologistsBritish Medicine
Canadian Association of GastroenterologySocieties
Canadian Association of GeographersSocieties
cerebral angiographyBritish Medicine
cholangographyBritish Medicine
Chronic Atrophic GastritisBritish Medicine
circulating antigenBritish Medicine
Citrix Access GatewayCyber & Security
Civil Affairs GroupMilitary
Clinical Advisory GroupBritish Medicine
Collabrative Agents GroupUnclassified
Collective Address GroupMilitary
Comic book Artists GuildNon-Profit Organizations
Commander, Amphibious GroupMilitary
Core Antigen GroupBritish Medicine
Guided-missile Heavy CruiserShipping & Sailing

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