What does CASP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CASP:



Communications Application Service ProviderTelecom
Cross Application Signaling ProtocolNetworking
Community Academic Services ProgramEducational
Critical Assessment Of Structure PredictionUnclassified
Critical Appraisal Skills ProgramGeneral Business
Chemical Ammunition Supply PointMilitary
Commercial Auto Safety ProgramTransportation
Canadian Atlantic Storm ProjectOcean Science
The Comparative Assessment Of Structure PredictionUnclassified
Community Accountancy Service For PendleCommunity
Children's Aid Society of PennsylvaniaNon-Profit Organizations
Company Authorized Service ProviderInternet
CompTIA Advanced Security PractitionerUnclassified
Calling Amphibian Survey ProgramUnclassified
Caspcentrale Aankoop Scheikundige ProductenUnclassified
Ctencentrale Aankoop Scheikundige ProductenUnclassified
Canadian Agriculture Safety ProgramCanadian
Centre For Applied Social PsychologyPsychology
College Academic Support ProgramsColleges
Corporate Aircraft Service ProgramAircraft & Aviation
Center for Autonomous Solar PowerUnclassified
Certified Access Specialist ProgramCertifications & Diplomas
Community After School ProgramCommunity
Community AIDS Service PenangCommunity
Community Alliance for Safety and PeaceCommunity
Computer Assisted Search PlanningPlanning
Critical Appraisal Skills ProgrammeUnclassified
California Anti SLAPP ProjectUnclassified
Campus And Space PlanningPlanning
Christian Associates of Southwest PennsylvaniaReligion
Community Aid And Sponsorship ProgrammeCommunity
Complex Adaptive System PrinciplesUnclassified
Country Analysis Strategy PaperUnclassified
Cyprus America Scholarship ProgramUnclassified
Cabot After School ProgramSchools
Center for Advanced Solar PhotophysicsPhysics
Civil Appeals Settlement ProgramUnclassified
Commodities Assistance Support ProgramUnclassified
Connecticut Association of School PsychologistsAssociations
Cork Area Strategic PlanUnclassified
Country Arts Support ProgramArt
California Association of School PsychologistsAssociations
Cambridge Arctic Shelf ProgrammeUnclassified
Campaign Against Self PityUnclassified
Canadian Association for Suicide PreventionCanadian
Central Agency Services PlatformAgencies
Charles Adams Studio ProjectUnclassified
Colon Ascendens Stent PeritonitisUnclassified
Conventional Activated Sludge PlantUnclassified
Convolution Approximation For Swift ParticlesUnclassified
Cooperative Aviation Security ProgrammeAircraft & Aviation
CDS (Central Data System) Application Support ProgramNASA
Certified Aging Services ProfessionalAwards & Medals
Comprehensive Assessment of Summer ProgramsCommunity
Computer-Aided Search PlanningMilitary

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