What does CAST stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CAST:



Council for Agricultural Science and TechnologyVeterinary
China Association for Science and TechnologyOcean Science
Computer Aided Software TestingSoftware
Computer Assisted Statistics TeachingUniversities
Current Audio Signal TransmissionElectronics
Children's Aid Society of TorontoNon-Profit Organizations
Catch A Special ThrillCommunity
Community And School TogetherEducational
Canadian Amphibious Search TeamMilitary
Computer Assisted Supervision TeamMilitary
Creative Arts Service TeamPerforming Arts
Canadian Atlantic Sea TransportCompanies & Firms
Choral Arts Society TeensEducational
Computer Aided Self TeachingEducational
Convergence of Art, Science, and TechnologyUniversities
Caring And Sharing TexansCommunity
Campus Auxiliary Safety TeamUniversities
Christian Actors Sharing TruthReligion
Custom Array Synthesis TechnologyElectronics
Children's Acting School And TheaterEducational
Computer Aids for Students and TeachersEducational
Computer-Assisted Scheme TrainingUSPS
Center for Applied Special TechnologyUniversities
Center for Applied Sciences and TechnologyUniversities
Cadette And Senior TeamPerforming Arts
Communication, Arts, Speech, and TheaterSchools
Computer-Assisted Survey TechnologySoftware
Cooperative Application of Science and TechnologyUniversities
Character Always Stands TallScouting
Coalition to Abolish Slavery and TraffickingNon-Profit Organizations
College of Agricultural Sciences and TechnologyColleges
Carlisle Adams and Stafford TavaresUnclassified
Center for Aging Services TechnologiesNon-Profit Organizations
Come And Sit TogetherUnclassified
Computer Assisted Statistics TextbooksStatistics
Childhood Asperger Syndrome TestSyndromes
CERN Axion Solar TelescopeUnclassified
Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies, University of ArkansasUniversities
Chinese Association for Science and TechnologyProfessional Organizations
Computing And Systems TechnologyTechnology
Catch A Special TreatUnclassified
Center for Advanced Security TrainingUnclassified
Centers for Applied Science and TechnologyTechnology
Collaboration for Atlantic Salmon TomorrowUnclassified
Comfort And Support TeamUnclassified
Community Action Southold TownCommunity
Community Actors Studio TheatreCommunity
Community Arts Stabilization TrustCommunity
Computer Aided Strategy TacticsMilitary
Contract Agents Selection ToolUnclassified
Cosine All Sine TangentUnclassified
Calf Antibiotic and Sulfonamide TestFDA
Canadian Air-Sea TransportableCanadian
Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression TrialCardiology
Carolina Actors Studio TheatreTheater
Casey TimeTime Zones
Centre for Analysis of Strategies and TechnologiesUnclassified
Childhood-Autism Spectrum TestAutism
China Academy of Space TechnologyAcademic & Science
China Aerospace Science and TechnologyMilitary
Chronic Addiction Substitution TreatmentUnclassified
College of Applied Science and TechnologyColleges
College of Arts, Science and TechnologyColleges
Commercial Aviation Safety TeamProfessional Organizations
Computer-Aided Simple TriageComputing
Curriculum Advice and Support TeamUnclassified
Zhōngguó Kēxué Jìshù XiéhuìSocieties

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