What does CC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CC:



Credit CardAccounting
Country ClubCommunity
Child CareEducational
C CompilerSoftware
Código CivilSpanish
Correlation CoefficientMathematics
Cancer CenterOncology
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsCountries
Country CodeTelephone Country Codes
Colorectal CancerOncology
Carbon copyNetworking
Community CenterCommunity
Cámara de ComercioSpanish
Carson CityHospitals
Carson City, Nevada (mint mark on United States coins)Coins
Cricket ClubCricket
Carrying CapacityTransportation
Control CLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
Common CarrierNews & Media
Clear ChannelCompanies & Firms
Coiled CoilElectronics
Central ControlMilitary
Command and ConquerGaming
Common CriteriaGeneral Business
Cubic CentimeterOncology
Crack CocaineLaw & Legal
Chocolate ChipFood & Nutrition
Closed CaptioningPerforming Arts
Coalición CanariaSpanish
Christopher ColumbusFamous & Celebs
Concentration CampMilitary
Computer CenterArchitecture
Condition CodeAssembly
Command CenterMilitary
Cyber CafeCompanies & Firms
Circuit City Stores, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Come CloserChat
Closed CaptionHospitals
Cost CenterAccounting
Calorie CounterFood & Nutrition
Christian CoalitionReligion
Cartoon CharacterProducts
Close CombatMilitary
Communication CenterMilitary
Chief ConstablePolice
Chip CarrierElectronics
Crime ControlInternational Business
Complex ConjugationLaboratory
Chief ComplaintPhysiology
Close CallLaw & Legal
Card CashAccounting
Colorado CollegeColleges
Close CorporationCompanies & Firms
Community ClubCommunity
Courtesy CopyNetworking
Computer ControlledComputing
Chrysler CorporationCompanies & Firms
Call ControlTelecom
Central CouncilGovernmental
Contact CenterCompanies & Firms
C CupClothing
Carbon CompositesMilitary
Canadian ClubFood & Nutrition
Computation CenterUniversities
Corte de ConstitucionalidadGuatemalan
Century ClubCommunity
Complex ConjugateMathematics
Credentials CommitteeToastmasters
Conference ChampionSports
Charm CityFunnies
Calico CatVeterinary
Cluster ControllerElectronics
Cumulus CellMeteorology
Common CathodeElectronics
Closed CaptionedNews & Media
Crazy CatFamous & Celebs
Case CcUnclassified
Common CoreCyber & Security
Christian CompanyReligion
Carry ClearAssembly
Community CorrectionsCommunity
Close CaptionedNews & Media
Crowd ControlPolice
Cache CoherentHardware
Coupe CabrioletUnclassified
Current ContinuationUnclassified
Command CodeCyber & Security
Clear CommunicationUnclassified
Copy CatUnclassified
City CentralUnclassified
Compare ContrastUnclassified
Classical and ContemporaryMusic
Convex CombinationMathematics
Club CabProducts
Critics ChoiceUnclassified
Camaro CoupeUnclassified
Compact ComputerHardware
Cutie CutieChat
Computer CarsTransportation
Competition CoupeUnclassified
Conversion CurrentOcean Science
Crazy ChildUnclassified
Challenge CertificateCertifications & Diplomas
Continuous ControllerUnclassified
Capitán de CorbetaMilitary
Car CraftSports
Color CompensatingHardware
Current ComplaintPhysiology
Clearing CourseMilitary
College ConfidentialColleges
Client CapabilityNetworking
Conservation of ChargePhysics
Cookies and CreamFood & Nutrition
Color ClassicColors
Cloned CatUnclassified
Criteria CheckMilitary
Centre CataláSpanish
Compilation ControlMilitary
Classic ColorColors
Calvary ContenderReligion
Central CompositeArchitecture
Confusion And ChaosUnclassified
Clear the CommandAssembly
Christmas CatNames and Nicknames
Congress CritterFunnies
Character And CharmUnclassified
Corps ConsulaireUnclassified
Core ClearUnclassified
Caucasian ChildPhysiology
Continental CoinCompanies & Firms
Coursing ChampionDogs Related
Comunistas de CataluñaPolitics
Commercial CertificateInternational Business
Crew ChangeSports
Charles Cunningham, Naval OfficerFamous & Celebs
Chief of CommunicationsOccupation & Positions
Cruz ContrerasUnclassified
Clutch CatchesFootball
Cecil CorneliusFamous & Celebs
Calendar CatNames and Nicknames
Coordinadora CanariaSpanish
Conjugated ComplexMathematics
Cyber CopyGeneral Computing
Caballero CadeteSpanish
The Coordinating ConjunctionUnclassified
Change CartridgeUnclassified
Corpo ConsolarePolice
Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad CompanyRailroads
Circus ChimpOccupation & Positions
Coup CabrioletUnclassified
Convergencia CanariaSpanish
Centristas de CataluñaPolitics
Cox's CoveState & Local
Currency ChallengedCurrencies
Correcting ClassifiersUnclassified
CC Language source Code fileFile Extensions
Cuerpo ConsularSpanish
Countable ClosureUnclassified
Cute CarmenUnclassified
Copy CulpritLaw & Legal
Creative CreatureUnclassified
Asamblea Canaria-Coordinadora CanariaSpanish
Charlie ChowUnclassified
Century CertificateAwards & Medals
Comisiones CampesinosSpanish
Centre For CompetencyUnclassified
Christopher Crotty, DermatologistFamous & Celebs
Coxs CoveUnclassified
Conscious And CaringUnclassified
C++ language source code file (gcc)File Extensions
Computer Concepts (Company)Companies & Firms
Custom CrittersUnclassified
Cowardly CommieUnclassified
Convalescent CorpsHospitals
Contract CarriersGovernmental
Chronic ConstipationBritish Medicine
Customer CareUnclassified
Canadian Club whiskeyFood & Nutrition
Chamber of CommerceBanking
Closed CaptionsMiscellaneous
Conference CallFDA
Cruise ControlTransportation
Cute CoupleChat
Cash CommodityAccounting
Cash CreditBanking
Cerebral CortexBritish Medicine
Climate ChangeAcademic & Science
Certified CoachAwards & Medals
Confusion And ChaUnclassified
Claudio CastiglioniUnclassified
Comfort CoupéUnclassified
Connie CockatielNames and Nicknames
Cubic CentimetersUnclassified
Call CcUnclassified
Cubic CentiliterUnclassified
Cubic CentimetresUnclassified
Center To CenterUnclassified
Actuator ChangeAircraft & Aviation
Calhoun CountyCounties
Cam ChainUnclassified
Carsten CharlesUnclassified
Castle Clash/CyberComputing
Chipmunk CheeksUnclassified
Circuit CityCompanies & Firms
Classy ChapUnclassified
Claudia CardinaleFamous & Celebs
Code of ConductBanking
Cold CuteUnclassified
College CouncilCouncil
Coloring ContestUnclassified
Colour CorrectingUnclassified
Combustion ChamberUnclassified
Communication ComponentUnclassified
Community CouncilCommunity
Control ChangeUnclassified
Counting CaloriesUnclassified
County CommunityCommunity
Creative CloudUnclassified
Cresent AcademyAcademic & Science
Critical ConfusionUnclassified
Cubic CentimentreUnclassified
Cum Cibo (with food)Prescription
Custom ContentUnclassified
BattleCruiser (1920)Shipping & Sailing
Calcaneo-CuboidalBritish Medicine
Calcium CarbonateBritish Medicine
Calcium CitrateBritish Medicine
Canadian CouncilMedical
Candy CountryFood & Nutrition
Cane CreekGeology
carbon copy [copy to]General Business
Carboplatin, CyclophosphamideBritish Medicine
Cardiac CatheterisationBritish Medicine
Cardiac CycleBritish Medicine
Carney complexBritish Medicine
Carol CityCommunity
Carpenter And CalkerNavy
Cell CultureBritish Medicine
Certified ChequeBanking
Cervical CancerBritish Medicine
Cervical CollarBritish Medicine
Channel ControllerNASA
Charity CommissionBritish Medicine
Check CookiesNetworking
Chest CircumferenceBritish Medicine
Chest CompressionBritish Medicine
Chicago Central and Pacific RailroadRailroads
Chief CashierBanking
Chief CellsBritish Medicine
Chief CounselNASA
Children’s CouncilBritish Medicine
cholangiocarcinomaBritish Medicine
Choledochal CystBritish Medicine
chondrocalcinosisBritish Medicine
choriocarcinomaBritish Medicine
Chronic CoughBritish Medicine
Cingulate CortexBritish Medicine
City CouncilBritish Medicine
Civilian CollegesMilitary
Clan CastleGaming
Classical ConditioningBritish Medicine
Clean CatchBritish Medicine
Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio.Medical
Clinical CenterFDA
Clinical Center (NIH)US Government
Clinical CourseBritish Medicine
Clinical CriteriaBritish Medicine
Clinical CureBritish Medicine
Clomiphen CitrateBritish Medicine
Closed CircuitPhysics
Closed ComedonBritish Medicine
Co-ordinated CareBritish Medicine
Cochrane CollaborationBritish Medicine
Cocos (Keeling Islands)USPS
Coefficient of CorrelationBritish Medicine
Collagenous ColitisBritish Medicine
Colonic CancerBritish Medicine
Colony CountBritish Medicine
Column ChromatographyBritish Medicine
Column ChromotographyChemistry
Columnar CellsBritish Medicine
Command Cruiser (1960)Shipping & Sailing
Commissioned CorpsFDA
Common CarotidBritish Medicine
Common ColdBritish Medicine
Communications ControlNASA
Community CareBritish Medicine
Community ChargeGovernmental
Competent CommunicatorToastmasters
Complicating ConditionBritish Medicine
Complimentary CopyPolitics
Component CommandMilitary
Condensed ChromatinBritish Medicine
Confined to Camp (punishment)Military
Congenital ChylothoraxBritish Medicine
Congestive CardiomyopathyBritish Medicine
Constant CurrentElectronics
Construction ChemicalsConstruction
Consumption CoagulopathyBritish Medicine
Contaminant ControlNASA
Control CodeManufacturing
Conventional CareBritish Medicine
Conventional ChemotherapyBritish Medicine
Converted GarageReal Estate
Cookie ClickerInternet
Coordinating CommitteeFDA
Copper Soldered ConnectionBusiness
Cord CompressionBritish Medicine
Coronary CareBritish Medicine
Corpus CallosumBritish Medicine
Corpus Christi, TexasStates
Corrosion ControlAircraft & Aviation
Costal CartilageBritish Medicine
Coulter CounterBritish Medicine
County CouncilBritish Medicine
Courtesy CallBritish Medicine
Cranio-CaudalBritish Medicine
Cranky CatFunnies
Crap CharityFunnies
Creatinine ClearanceBritish Medicine
Creative CommonsLibraries
Crew CertifiedNASA
Crew CompartmentNASA
Critical CapabilityMilitary
Critical CareBritish Medicine
Crypto CurrencyInvestments
Cryptogenic CirrhosisBritish Medicine
Current ContentsBritish Medicine
curvilinear co-ordinatesUnit Measures
Custom ComboColors
Cyber CrimeLaw & Legal
cytochrome CBritish Medicine
germinal centerPhysiology
Main Control Cabinet Control CabinetDatabases

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