What does CCA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CCA:



Chromated Copper ArsenateChemistry
Corrections Corporation of AmericaLaw & Legal
Co Curricular ActivitiesEducational
Capital Cost AllowanceAccounting
Certified Crop AdviserOccupation & Positions
Centre for Contemporary ArtsNews & Media
Chosen Ciphertext AttackCyber & Security
Circuit Card AssemblyMilitary
Collie Club of AmericaHobbies
Computer Club AcrossGeneral Computing
Cold Cranking AmperesUnit Measures
Cenelec Certification AgreementUS Government
Commercial Collection AgencyCompanies & Firms
Cecchetti Council of AmericaPerforming Arts
Certified Coding AssociateOccupation & Positions
Cable Communications AssociationNews & Media
Comics Code AuthorityFilm Censorship
Cruising Club of AmericaSports
Centro Comunitario de AprendizajeSpanish
Concerned Children's AdvertisersNews & Media
Community Corrections ActLaw & Legal
Canadian Canoe AssociationSports
Certified Citrix AdministratorOccupation & Positions
Co-Curricular ActivityUniversities
Cross Cultural AwarenessCommunity
Clogging Champions of AmericaSports
Chief Commissioner AwardAwards & Medals
Children's Charities of AmericaNon-Profit Organizations
Club Coach AwardTransportation
CENTCOM Combat AnalysisMilitary
Corporaci├│n Colombiana para la AmazoniaSpanish
Cooperative Content AccelerationEducational
Concerned Citizens AssociationCommunity
Community Conserved AreaEnvironmental
Commercial Capital AccessAccounting
Co-Curriculum ActivitiesUniversities
Cost Control AssociatesCompanies & Firms
Chinese Culture AssociationCommunity
Common Cabin AirTransportation
Correct Counter AttackMilitary
Confidential Certified AppraisalsCommunity
Catholic Charities AgenciesNon-Profit Organizations
Certified Crime AnalystOccupation & Positions
cc: Mail DataFile Extensions
Check Cashing AssociationCompanies & Firms
Capital Cost AnnuityAccounting
Credit Card ActionAccounting
Chibi Cheetah AngelsHospitals
Critical Care AssociateOccupation & Positions
Cranky Campus AidUniversities
Corporate Child AbuseLaw & Legal
Coastal Conversation AssociationCommunity
Charter Captain AssociationNon-Profit Organizations
Common Canadian AthletesSports
Canadian Corporation AssetsStock Exchange
Co-Cirriculum ActivitiesEducational
Cyber Cats AssociationHobbies
Canaan Club of AmericaHobbies
Communications Council of America, Inc.Companies & Firms
Centaur Casting AgencyCompanies & Firms
Colombian College of ArchivistsSocieties
City Compensatory AllowanceUnclassified
Center for Constructive AlternativesUnclassified
Central Collection AgencyAgencies
Center for Contemporary ArtsArt
Clinica Chimica ActaUnclassified
Community College AssociationColleges
Community College of AuroraColleges
Copy Control AssociationAssociations
Christian Coalition of AmericaReligion
Clear Creek AmanaUnclassified
Competitive Carriers AssociationAssociations
Correctional Corporation of AmericaCompanies & Firms
California Chiropractic AssociationAssociations
California College of the ArtsColleges
Christian Community ActionReligion
Court of Criminal AppealLaw & Legal
Canyon Crest AcademyAcademic & Science
Center for Computational AestheticsComputing
Chrome Copper and ArsenicUnclassified
Coastal Conservation AssociationAssociations
California College of AyurvedaColleges
Calvary Christian AcademyReligion
Capital Cost AllowancesUnclassified
Career College AssociationCareer
Center for Computational AstrophysicsComputing
Center for Creative ArtsArt
Central City AssociationAssociations
Certified Crop AdvisersCertifications & Diplomas
Champion Cheer AllUnclassified
Chief Counsel AdviceUnclassified
Children's Cancer AssociationCancer
Cloud Communications AllianceAlliances
Cold Cranking AmpsUnclassified
Colorado Contractors AssociationContractors
Commonwealth Care AllianceAlliances
Community Choice AggregationCommunity
Community Choice AggregatorCommunity
Component Cost AnalysisUnclassified
Comprehensive Course AssessmentUnclassified
Constantly Chewed A**Chat
Constantly Chewed AspirationsUnclassified
Construction Careers AcademyConstruction
Construction Consulting AssociatesConstruction
Cooperative Communicators AssociationAssociations
Copper Chrome ArsenateUnclassified
Copper Chromium and ArsenicUnclassified
Copper Chromium ArsenateUnclassified
Copper Clad AluminumUnclassified
Cornerstone Christian AcademyReligion
Corporate Council on AfricaCouncil
Corporate Counseling AssociatesUnclassified
Corrections Corp Of AmericaCompanies & Firms
Creative Communication AssociatesUnclassified
Creative Communications AssociatesUnclassified
Cushman Club of AmericaClubs
Custom Corvette AccessoriesUnclassified
Customer Choice AggregationUnclassified
επιτροπή πιστωτικών συνδέσων των ΕΚGreek
Association Canadienne de CommunicationSocieties
Calcium Channel AntagonistBritish Medicine
Canadian Centre for ArchitectureNon-Profit Organizations
Canadian Communication AssociationSocieties
Canadian Construction AssociationConstruction
Canadian Council of ArchivesLibraries
Carrier-Controlled ApproachMilitary
Cauliflower Cropping ActionFarming & Agriculture
Central Collection ActivityMilitary
Central Contracting AuthorityMilitary
Certified Computer AccountantAccounting
Certifying Acceptance AgentAccounting
cervical cancerBritish Medicine
Champion Cheer AllstarsSports
Chartered Certified AccountantsAccounting
Chess Coaches AssociationChess
Child Care AssistanceState & Local
Child Care AssistantOccupation & Positions
cholangiocarcinomaBritish Medicine
chondrocalcinosisBritish Medicine
Circumflex Coronary ArteryBritish Medicine
Citrix Certified AdministratorSoftware
Civil Contingencies Act 2004British Medicine
Clear Cell AcanthomaBritish Medicine
Clear Cell AdenocarcinomaBritish Medicine
Clinger-Cohen ActUS Government
Clinger-Cohen Act (formerly the Information Technology Management Reform Act)US Government
Close-Combat AttacksMilitary
Cogeco Communications IncorporatedToronto Stock Exchange
Colegio Colombiano de ArchivistasSocieties
Common Carotid ArteryBritish Medicine
Communications Carrier AssemblyNASA
Community Action AgencyNon-Profit Organizations
Congenital Contractural ArachnodactylyBritish Medicine
Container Control ActivityMilitary
Contamination Control AreaMilitary
Contingency Capabilities AssessmentMilitary
Contract Change AuthorizationNASA
Contract Construction AgentMilitary
Conventional Coronary AngiographyBritish Medicine
Coolant Control AssemblyNASA
Corporate Construction AssociateOccupation & Positions
Corrected CalciumMedical
corticocerebellar atrophyBritish Medicine
Cost-Consequence Analysis (!)British Medicine
Cronica Cercet─ârilor ArheologiceRomanian
Crossed Cerebellar AtrophyBritish Medicine
Current Cost Accounting (!)British Medicine
IEEE International Conference on Control ApplicationsConferences
see CCARDALaw & Legal

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