What does CCCR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CCCR:



Centre for Creative and Cultural ResearchResearch
Canadian Centre for Community RenewalNon-Profit Organizations
Canadian Critical Care ReviewCanadian
COVER COVER COVER RodgerUnclassified
Competence Centre for Cancer ResearchCancer
carbonn Cities Climate RegistryClimate
Consortial Center for Chiropractic ResearchResearch
Center for Childhood Cancer ResearchCancer
Calgary Centre for Clinical ResearchResearch
Catholic Coalition for Church ReformChurches
Center for Climate Change ResearchResearch
carbonn Cites Climate RegistryClimate
Center for Colon Cancer ResearchCancer
Collier Child Care ResourcesForestry
California Central Coast RegionUnclassified
Career College and Civic ReadinessCareer
Center for Community Criminology and ResearchCommunity
Center for Cross Cultural ResearchResearch
Central Corporate Credit RegisterUnclassified
Centre for Climate Change ResearchResearch
Citizens Committee to Complete the RefugeCommittees
Classical Concert Company ReykjavikCompanies & Firms
Clear Creek Cat RescueUnclassified
Closed Chest Cardiac ResuscitationCardiology
Collin County Conservative RepublicansPolitics
Community Centred College for the RetiredColleges
Consumer Chemicals and Containers RegulationsChemistry
Core Centers for Clinical ResearchResearch
Cape Cod Central RailroadUnclassified
Cross Creek Camping ResortRegional

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