What does CCDT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CCDT:



Canadian Contemporary Dance TheatreCanadian
Canadian Children's Dance TheatreCanadian
Chiadzwa Community Development TrustDevelopment
Current Cancer Drug TargetsCancer
Chicago Cubs Draft TrackerUnclassified
Cleveland Contemporary Dance TheatreTheater
Client Channel Definition TableUnclassified
Committed Communities Development TrustCommunity
Cancer Cell Death and TherapyCancer
Cocoon Central Dance TeamUnclassified
Collaborative Curriculum Design ToolUnclassified
Callander Community Development TrustCommunity
Cambusbarron Community Development TrustCommunity
CATCH Certified Dog TrainerCertifications & Diplomas
Chichester Community Development TrustDevelopment
Cirencester Community Development TrustCommunity
Client Connection Definition TableUnclassified
Club Car Diagnostics ToolClubs
Club Cycliste Detroit de TangerClubs
Colour Classifier Design ToolUnclassified
Complex Chronic Disease TeamDiseases
Concentration of Carbohydrate Deficient TransferrinUnclassified
Confraternity of Christian Doctrine TranslationReligion
Corpus Cavernosum Drug TestDrugs
Creative Circle Design TeamUnclassified
Crescent City Doubloon TradersUnclassified

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