What does CCFM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CCFM:



Canadian Council of Forest MinistersCanadian
Conference for Catholic Facility ManagementConferences
Cámara de Comercio Francesa en MontevideoUnclassified
Centre Culturel Franco MozambicainUnclassified
Community Care Family MedicineMedical
Collaborative Catholic Formation MinistriesReligion
Customized Categorized Favorites MenuUnclassified
California Certified Farmers MarketsCertifications & Diplomas
Chico Certified Farmers MarketCertifications & Diplomas
Christian Covenant Fellowship of MinistriesReligion
Convective Cloud Field ModelUnclassified
Crescent City Farmers MarketFarming & Agriculture
Chess and Checkers Foundation of MichiganChess

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