What does CCSR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CCSR:



Center for Climate System ResearchOcean Science
Certified Customer Service RepresentativeCertifications & Diplomas
Centre for Corporate Social ResponsibilityPolitics
Center for Computer Security ResearchResearch
Center for Contaminated Sediments ResearchEnvironmental
Chicago Consortium for Stigma ResearchPsychology
Center for Clinical Sciences ResearchClinical Medicine
Center for Complex Systems ResearchResearch
Centre for Census and Survey ResearchResearch
Centre for Communication Systems ResearchResearch
Chichester Centre for Stress ResearchUniversities
Canadian Corporation for Studies in ReligionCanadian
Cannon Center for Survey ResearchUniversities
Center for Character and Social ResponsibilityUnclassified
Center for Climate Systems ResearchClimate
Center for Clinical Science ResearchResearch
Centre for Computing and Social ResponsibilityComputing
Centre for Cultural Studies ResearchResearch
Chicago Consortium on School ResearchResearch
Chinese Choral Society of RochesterMusic
Civil Courts Structure ReviewUnclassified
Climate Change Sustainability and ResiliencyClimate
Corporation Committee on Shareholder ResponsibilityCommittees
Cyclomatic Complexity Of Simple RelationsUnclassified
Center for Character & Social Responsibility (Boston University)Universities
Cherra Companyganj State RailwaysRailroads
Combatant Commander's Summary ReportMilitary
Concord Consortium Sonar RangerOcean Science
Cross-Cutting Spending ReviewUS Government

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