What does CCW stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CCW:



Countryside Council for WalesEnvironmental
Counter ClockWiseElectronics
Carrying a Concealed WeaponPolice
Channel Command WordGeneral Computing
Council Of Catholic WomenCouncil
Carrying Concealed WeaponLaw & Legal
Capital City WrestlingWrestling
Complete Custom WheelsCompanies & Firms
Canadian Championship WrestlingCanadian
IEEE Computer Communications WorkshopConferences
Chaos Championship WrestlingWrestling
Canadian Curtis WrightCompanies & Firms
Clockwise And Counterclock WiseUnclassified
Clown Championship WrestlingWrestling
Certified Compost WackoFunnies
Complete Custom WheelUnclassified
Concealed Carry WeaponsMilitary
Concealed Carry WeaponLaw & Legal
Christ Centered WorldUnclassified
Cute Crush WednesdayTwitter
California Concealed WeaponMilitary
Cisco Commerce WorkspaceCommerce
Child Care WorkforceEmployment
Custom Car WorksUnclassified
Concealed carryUnclassified
Carrying Concealed WeaponsMilitary
Children Change The WorldUnclassified
Caledonia Country WearUnclassified
Cancel Call WaitingUnclassified
Ceiling Climb WarpingUnclassified
Center for the Childcare WorkforceEmployment
Certain Conventional WeaponsMilitary
Civil Construction WingConstruction
Coliseum Championship WrestlingWrestling
COM Callable WrapperUnclassified
Common Code WorkflowUnclassified
Conceal Carry WeaponMilitary
Connelly Campion WrightUnclassified
Consolidated Chemical WorksChemistry
Content and Communication WorldUnclassified
Content Communications WorldUnclassified
Counter Clock WiseUnclassified
Critical Communications WorldUnclassified
Customer Contact WeekContact
Customized Curve of WattageUnclassified
Carry Concealed WeaponMilitary
Children's Club of the World Ltd. (UK)Educational
Coal Combustion WasteEnvironmental
Colton Christopher WilsonNames and Nicknames
Commercial Cable & WireCompanies & Firms
Computer Communications WorkshopIEEE
Continuous Carrier WaveMilitary
Convention on Conventional WeaponsMilitary
United Nations Convention on Conventional Weapons of 1980Military

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