What does CDD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CDD:



Contrat À Durée DéterminéeFrench
Community Development DistrictCommunity
Common Data DictionaryNetworking
Capability Development DocumentMilitary
Control of Diarrheal DiseasesHealthcare
Cidade De DeusUnclassified
Corporate Development DepartmentPolice
Cats Don't DanceUnclassified
Component Design DocumentSoftware
Clock Difference DiagramElectronics
Cordant Technologies, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Canadians for Direct DemocracyPolitics
Clue Deficit DisorderSports
Compact Disc DriverGeneral Computing
Charity Database DivisionNon-Profit Organizations
Cold Degree DaysUnclassified
Celebrity Dream DateNews & Media
Customer Due DiligenceGeneral Business
Community Driven DevelopmentDevelopment
Center for Disabilities and DevelopmentDevelopment
Christian Domestic DisciplineReligion
Center for Democratic DeliberationPolitics
Center For Digital DemocracyUnclassified
Center for Drug DesignDrugs
Center on Disability and DevelopmentDevelopment
Compatibility Definition DocumentUnclassified
Conserved Domain DatabaseDatabases
Cell death and differentiationUnclassified
Chicago Demotic DictionaryUnclassified
classic Dungeons and DragonsUnclassified
ConceptDraw drawing diagramUnclassified
Contract Driven DevelopmentDevelopment
Council on Developmental DisabilitiesCouncil
Center for Deliberative DemocracyUnclassified
Center for Development and DisabilityDevelopment
Center onUnclassified
Child Development DivisionDevelopment
City Design and DevelopmentDevelopment
Community Development DepartmentDevelopment
Conserved Domains DatabaseDatabases
California Desert DistrictUnclassified
Child Development Division'sDevelopment
Cooling Degree DayUnclassified
Cabin Deferred DefectUnclassified
Cardiovascular Differentiation and DevelopmentDevelopment
Cell Design DataUnclassified
Center for Democratic DevelopmentDevelopment
Center for Developmental DisabilitiesDisability
Center for Developmentally DisabledUnclassified
Center for Drug DiscoveryDrugs
CEO Driven DevelopmentDevelopment
Click Drag and DrillUnclassified
Clock Difference DiagramsUnclassified
Cloud Device DescriptionUnclassified
Collaborative Drug DiscoveryDrugs
Community Development Department'sDevelopment
Compatible Definition DocumentUnclassified
Concentration Deficit DisorderUnclassified
Contact and Distribution DatabaseContact
Cooling Degree DaysUnclassified
Canadian Disaster DatabaseEnvironmental
Canonical Display DriverIT
Cardno LtdASX Symbols
Carte De DemarrageAutomotive
Center for Defensive DrivingUnclassified
Cern Drawing DirectoryIT
Certificate of Disability for DischargeDisability
code substitution delayedMedical
Compact Disc DriveIT
Component Domain DescriptorIT
Core Canadian Dividend TrustToronto Stock Exchange
Custom Debian DistributionUnclassified
Custom Design DocumentIT
Customer Delivery DateGeneral Business

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