What does CDRA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CDRA:



Community Development Resource AgencyNon-Profit Organizations
Commercial Dispute Resolutions AssociatesCompanies & Firms
Central Drag Racing AssociationRacing
Crawley Down Residents AssociationCommunity
Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis, Colorado State UniversityUniversities
Character Data Representation ArchitectureArchitecture
Carbon Dioxide Removal AssemblyAssembly
Canadian Dory Racing AssociationCanadian
Center for Disaster and Risk AnalysisUnclassified
Clandeboye And District Recreational AssociationAssociations
Climate and Disaster Risk AssessmentClimate
Cobham and Downside Residents associationAssociations
Community Development and Regulatory AffairsCommunity
Community Development and Relief AgencyCommunity
Community Development and Renewal AgencyCommunity
Community Development Relief AgencyCommunity
Community Development Renewal AgencyCommunity
Community Development Resource AssociationCommunity
Construction Demolition Recycling AssociationConstruction
Continuous Delivery and Release AutomationUnclassified
County Development Review AuthorityDevelopment
Covered Device Recycling ActEnvironmental
Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator AntennaUnclassified

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