What does CEDP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CEDP:



Center for Electronic and Digital PublishingElectronics
College Education Development ProjectDevelopment
Campaign to End the Death PenaltyUnclassified
Catholic Education Diocese of ParramattaEducational
Certified Emergency Disaster ProfessionalCertifications & Diplomas
Chinese Educational Development ProjectDevelopment
Civilian Engineering Development ProgramDevelopment
Clinician Educator Development ProgramDevelopment
Coastal and Estuarine Dolphin ProjectUnclassified
College Educator Development ProgramDevelopment
College of Educational and Developmental PsychologistsDevelopment
Community Economic Development ProgramCommunity
Competitiveness and Enterprise Development ProjectDevelopment
Comprehensive Economic Development PlanDevelopment
Cooperatives Europe Development PlatformDevelopment
Corporate Executive Development ProgramDevelopment
Council of Education and Development ProgrammesDevelopment
Cultural Economic Development ProgramDevelopment
Centre Europeene D'Education PermamnenteEducational
Certified eDiscovery Professional certificationLaw & Legal
Chief Executive Development ProgrammeBritish Medicine

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