What does CEO stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CEO:



Chief Executive OfficerOccupation & Positions
Catholic Education OfficeReligion
Corporate Europe ObservatoryAstronomy
Chief Ethics OfficerOccupation & Positions
Collegiate Entrepreneurs' OrganizationUniversities
Chief Engineering OfficerOccupation & Positions
Chief Eating OfficerFunnies
Chief Emotional OfficerFunnies
Career Education OptionsEducational
Constantly Evaluating OthersGeneral Business
Children's Education OpportunityStudents
Community Education and OutreachEducational
Creating Educational OpportunitiesEducational
Chief Executing OfficerMilitary
Creating Excellent OrganizationsGeneral Business
Chief Energy OfficerGeneral Business
Chief Economic OfficerGeneral Business
Christian Entrepreneur OrganizationReligion
Christmas and Easter OnlyCommunity
Comprehensive Electronic OfficeGeneral Computing
Career Education OpportunityUniversities
Creating Exceptional OpportunitiesCommunity
Chief Engagement OfficerMilitary
Chief Evangelist OfficerOccupation & Positions
Capacity Exposure OptimizationGeneral Business
Career Ending OpportunityMilitary
Can't Even OperateFunnies
Waco Kungo, AngolaAirport Codes
Cedars Estates OrganizationCommunity
Can't Eat OutFunnies
Cheese Eating OfficialFunnies
Christian Entrepreneurial OvercomersReligion
Chief Evangelistic OfficerReligion
Central Elite OperationsMilitary
Chiropractic Elite OrganizationCompanies & Firms
Chief Elf of OperationsOccupation & Positions
Ceremonial Events OfficerMilitary
Cutting Everything OutFunnies
Creating Extraordinary OutcomesEducational
Children Embracing OwnershipCommunity
Customer Employee OrganizationGeneral Business
Clown Executive OfficerFunnies
Certified Egoistic OrganizerFunnies
Championship Event OrganizerSports
Cheap Entertaining OpponentFunnies
Corrupt Executive OfficerFunnies
Competitive Edge OpportunitiesGeneral Business
Consider Employment OptionsFunnies
Chief Embezzling OffenderFunnies
Catch Every ObstacleGeneral Business
Chief Excessive OfficerFunnies
Cranky Evil OgreFunnies
Caribbean Elephants OrganizationFunnies
Computer Energy OrganizerHardware
Cranky Eccentric OldsterFunnies
Costs Evened OutAccounting
Conscientiously Energetic OveractingPerforming Arts
Company Entertainer OctopusFunnies
Citrus Entity OverlordFunnies
Central Economics OfficeUS Government
Can't Execute OverclockingHardware
Chief Execution OrderLaw & Legal
Chief Executioner OmnipotentScience Fiction
Cool English OnlyFunnies
Caustic Ego OnlineFunnies
Chief Executor of Off-shoringFunnies
Classroom Environment OfficerEducational
Commitment, Empathy, and OwnershipMarketing
Cobham, Esher, and Oxshott; Surrey, EnglandRegional
Clarity, Energizing, and OrganizationGeneral Business
Cheesy Executive OverdresserFunnies
Code Enforcement OfficerState & Local
Center for Employment OpportunitiesEmployment
C*nt Eternally OpenSlang
Creating Entrepreneurial OpportunitiesUnclassified
Customers, Employees, and OwnersMarketing
Chief Entertainment OfficerFunnies
Creating Every OpportunityUnclassified
Chick Embryo OriginLaboratory
Check Email OnlyFunnies
Chief executive officerCEOUnclassified
Chief Exercise OperatorOccupation & Positions
Coastal Engineering (de-listed)London Stock Exchange
Cheif Executive OfficerUnclassified
come early and onUnclassified
Commission on Economic OpportunityState & Local
Commonwealth Employment OpportunitiesEmployment
Controlling Every ObjectiveMilitary
Covert Elite OperationsMilitary
Chief Enterprise OfficerUnclassified
Center for Economic OpportunityUniversities
Community Effort OrlandoCommunity
Center for Effective OrganizationsUnclassified
Commercial Electronic OfficeCompanies & Firms
Customer Engagement OnlineUnclassified
Campaign to End ObesityNon-Profit Organizations
Canine Endorsement OhUnclassified
Center for Educational OpportunityEducational
Centre for Earth ObservationGeology
Chief Evaluation OfficeUnclassified
Chief Everything OfficerUnclassified
Chief Executive OfficersUnclassified
Chief Executives OrganizationUnclassified
Chocolate Espresso OatmealFood & Nutrition
Circle Education OfficerEducational
Collegiate Entrepreneurs OrganizationStudents
Completely and Entirely OutUnclassified
Consulting Engineers of OntarioConstruction
Cosmic Engagement OfficerUnclassified
Creative Energetic and OptimisticUnclassified
Current Engine OptionRailroads
Economic OutlookEconomy
C**** Eating OldieSlang
Chery Eastar OwnersAutomotive
Chevrolet Estate OptraAutomotive
Club Evo OwnersAutomotive
Complete Enterprise OptionIT

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