What does CFNM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CFNM:



Clothed Female Nude MaleUnclassified
Clothed Females Nude MalesUnclassified
Check For New MessagesChat
Clothed Female Naked MaleUnclassified
Cream Frosted Nut MuffinFood & Nutrition
Clothed Female Naked ManUnclassified
Clothed Females Naked MalesUnclassified
Clothed Femal Nude MaleUnclassified
Clothed Femailes Naked MalesUnclassified
Community Foundation of Northwest MississippiNon-Profit Organizations
Community Foundation of NW MississippiFoundations
Clothed Female Nude MaleFindUnclassified
Clothed Female and Nude MaleUnclassified
Clothes Female Naked MalesUnclassified
Clothed Female Nude MalesUnclassified
Center for Functional Nanoscale MaterialsUnclassified
Center for New MusicUnclassified
Clothes Female Naked MaleUnclassified
Clover Felting Needle MatUnclassified
Community Forestry Network MeetingCommunity
Community Foundation for Northeast MichiganCommunity
Continuous Facial Nerve MonitoringUnclassified
Clothed Female, Naked MaleUnclassified

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