What does CFS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CFS:



Chronic fatigue syndromePhysiology
Combat Flight SimulatorUnclassified
Canadian Federation of StudentsEducational
Container Freight StationTransportation
Child and Family ServicesState & Local
Center for Food SafetyNon-Profit Organizations
Cubic Feet per SecondOcean Science
Commodity Flow SurveyTransportation
Cryptographic File SystemCyber & Security
Certified Fund SpecialistOccupation & Positions
Corrupt File StructureAssembly
ComForce CorporationAMEX Symbols
Canadian Forces StationMilitary
Common Foreign and Security policyUS Government
Christian Family ServicesNon-Profit Organizations
CD-ROM File SystemNetworking
Concurrent File SystemDatabases
Corporate Financial SystemAccounting
Inmos configuration fileFile Extensions
Cattle For SaleFarming & Agriculture
Continuous Feed SystemHardware
Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, AustraliaAirport Codes
Corporate Flag ShipGeneral Business
Coalition of Free StarsSports
Central File StoreDatabases
Comprehensive Financial StrategiesAccounting
Cleveland Fun SquadUniversities
Capacitor Fast SwitchingElectronics
Chocolate Frosted SprinkledFood & Nutrition
Computerized Forwarding SystemUSPS
Continuous Fuzzy SubsetSoftware
Crazy Figure SkatersSkating
Cyber Fantasy SportsGaming
Chandrasekhar - Friedmann - Schutz instabilityAstronomy
Centre Fold SheetNews & Media
Cybertek File SystemDatabases
Certified Food ScientistCertifications & Diplomas
Corporate Financial ServicesAccounting
Choice Future SuccessUnclassified
Christian Fellowship SchoolSchools
Certificate For StickingCertifications & Diplomas
Common Financial SenseFinance
Communist Fascist ShmucksFunnies
Classroom For SuccessUnclassified
Connector Framework ServerUnclassified
Current Favorite SongMusic
Canadian Financials and Utilities Split CorporationToronto Stock Exchange
Central Flying SchoolSchools
Certified Funds SpecialistCertifications & Diplomas
chronic fatigueUnclassified
Client Focused SolutionsUnclassified
Cloud Federation ServiceFederation
Completely Fair SchedulerUnclassified
Confident Financial SolutionsGeneral Business
Consolidated Funeral ServicesUnclassified
Core Flight SystemUnclassified
Covered Full ServiceUnclassified
Customer Financial ServicesGeneral Business
Call For ServiceTelecom
Cancer Family SyndromeBritish Medicine
Cancer Fatigue ScaleBritish Medicine
Carving Fork, Stainless steelFood & Nutrition
Cash Flow SurgeAccounting
Cell-Free SupernatantBritish Medicine
Centre for Food SafetyEnvironmental
Cerebrospinal fluidPhysiology
Certificate of Free SaleInternational Business
Certified Fraud SpecialistAwards & Medals
Child Friendly SpaceUnited Nations
Children and Family ServicesBritish Medicine
Clear Floor SpaceDisability
Community Family ServicesBritish Medicine
Complex Febrile SeizureBritish Medicine
Compressed Fibre SheetingProducts
congenital fibrosarcoma craniofacial skeletonBritish Medicine
Counter-intelligence Force-protection SourceMilitary
Culture Fluid SupernatantBritish Medicine
Customer Facing ServiceTelecom
Cystic Fibrosis SocietyBritish Medicine

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