What does CHANGE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CHANGE:



Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain EmpowermentCommunity
Chemical Health And New Growth ExperiencesChemistry
Camden Homeless Action Network Generating EnergyEnergy
Creating Hope and Nurturing Genuine EmpowermentUnclassified
Creative Humans For A New Global ExperienceUnclassified
Christ Has A New Goal EnvisionedUnclassified
Community Helping Accomplish Necessary Growth and EmpowermentCommunity
Collaborative Humanities and Arts Network for Growth and EducationEducational
Creating Honoring Advocating and Nurturing Gender EquityUnclassified
Choose Happiness And Never Give ExcusesChat
Choosing Honesty Allows New Growth EverydayUnclassified
Comprehensive Health Assessment Nutrition Guidance and ExerciseFood & Nutrition
Creating Homestead Agriculture for Nutrition and Gender EquityFarming & Agriculture
Choosing Healthy Activity and Nutrition Goals EverydayEducational
Community Health Assessment aNd Group EvaluationHealthcare
Collaboratives Helping Americas Neighborhoods Grow And ExcelUnclassified

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