What does CHAT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CHAT:



Chicago Harmony And TruthReligion
Community Hebrew Academy of TorontoEducational
Circadian Hyper Amplitude TensionUnclassified
Choosing Healthplans All TogetherUnclassified
Consumer Hair Advisory TeamAdvisory
Cat Horse And TreeFunnies
Computerized Home Aphasia TherapyPhysiology
Carleton Hotline For Administration And TeachingUnclassified
Chat (IRC data)File Extensions
Confident Happy Adolescents TalkingCommunity
Camp Hill Accessible TransportUnclassified
Children Happy About ThemselvesEducational
Confidentially Helping All TeensSoftware
Community Hospitality And TalkCommunity
Completing Homework Assignments TodayUniversities
Church Hill Activities and TutoringEducational
Colleague Hints And TipsUnclassified
Chico High Active TeensUnclassified
Chat Has All TypesUnclassified
Church Heating And ToiletChurches
Connecting Hearts All TogetherUnclassified
Church Hill Activities TutoringChurches
Confidential Help and Advice for TeensUnclassified
Conversation Helps Adults TransitionUnclassified
Curbing HIV AIDS TransmissionUnclassified
Clifton Homework Activities And TestsUnclassified
Communication Hearing And TalkingCommunity
Cetacean Hearing and TelemetryUnclassified
Current Hot Apologetical TopicsUnclassified
Chilean Hungarian Automated TelescopeUnclassified
Communication Has A ToolUnclassified
Community and Health Awareness TeachingCommunity
Certificate of Higher Autopsy TrainingBritish Medicine
Chattahoochee and Gulf RailroadRailroads
Checklist for Autism in ToddlersBritish Medicine
choline acetyltransferaseBritish Medicine
choline O-acetyltransferaseBritish Medicine
Christmas Harms A TreeFunnies
Circadian Hyper-Amplitude-TensionBritish Medicine
Communications Hub And TransmitterInternet
Craft, Health, Activities, and TimeoutEducational

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