What does CHEER stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CHEER:



Canadian Health And Environment Education And ResearchCanadian
Creating Hope Energy Enthusiasm And RecreationEnergy
Community Hospital Employee Emergency ReliefNon-Profit Organizations
Civility, Harmony, Education, Environment, and RespectEducational
Cooperation Honesty Effort Enthusiasm And RespectUnclassified
Cooperation Honesty Effort Enthusiasm RespectUnclassified
Choices Humor Enhancement Education And RenewalEducational
Children Enrichment Education Through RadioFunnies
Community HDB Engaging Elderly ResidentsResidential
Consciousness Helps Encourage Equal RespectUnclassified
Centre for Higher Education and Equity ResearchResearch
Culture Health Education Environmental ResourcesEnvironmental
Computers in Higher Education Economics ReviewEducational
Creating Healthy Environments and Enjoying RecreationParks & Recreation
Childhood Hunger Education Engagement and ReverenceEducational
Clinical Heroes Educated and Engaged in ResearchResearch
Compassion Honor Encourage Elevate RestoreUnclassified
Creating a Healthy Environment and Encouraging RespectUnclassified
Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority ResidentsCommunity

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